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Low Startup Business Ideas in The Chemical Industry

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A lot of times, schools hold their graduation and convocation ceremonies and you see a lot of happy faces who are glad that they have finally left the for walls of the school to go out there but after months upon months of going out there, they still seem to not have found a good job or any job at all. 

For chemistry students who have extensively undergone training in the use of chemicals, the kinds of reactions and what to expect from certain mixtures would be gladdest to know that if that job isn’t forthcoming, you could just wear the entrepreneurship hat and enter the chemical business right now. 

This business isn’t for chemistry students only because the beauty behind it is that it can be learnt to perfection by anyone who so wishes. What are the areas of the chemical business that an entrepreneur can thus venture into?
Everyone wants to look all glam and good these days. We want to eliminate even the tiniest of blemishes from our skins and look as spotless as a new born baby, and where does everyone look? Exactly, the beauty products, and thus you have a market to serve. The business can be started on a small scale but advisably, before you start at all, make sure you get competent hands to perform some experiments with you to eliminate all side effects from your products.

You can go into productions of soaps, creams, lotions and the likes to remove blemishes, pimples, stretch marks etc. or just a product that would keep the skin perfect. Think of something and go for it.

There are usually a lot of dirt and germs around the   house, the toilets and the bathrooms and with the sensitivity with which people now approach their health and germs, it makes it important to start with these kinds of products, mix disinfectants, get germ expelling agents and so on, and you are in business. Note that there are a variety of cleaning agents for different uses and diversification doesn’t hurt. From there, you could even check which market is booming better.

Let’s first tell you that air fresheners are very low cost to start and the beauty is that they can be mass produced. You can even spice up your business to cater to different people by making them in different flavours of small and make them so god that they would have a hard time choosing what scent to go for. The air freshener business doesn’t go old, so go for it.

4. Baking Soda

Do not be deceived by the name which looks simple and all. Currently, the uses of baking soda transcends just making the cake and bread dough rise. No, it is way past that. Baking soda now finds numerous applications in areas such as toothpaste production, retaining of the colour of vegetables and a whole other class of functions too. 

This has made the demand high from individuals and companies that use it as a raw material alike. It is not only profitable to you but beneficial to the entire society should you wish to go into the business.