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Lucrative Niche Business Ideas

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Unlike many other businesses that base their work and whole services on having an office somewhere and being rooted where they are, offering services at their own convenience. Niche businesses aren’t defined under these kinds of rules and they offer their own services in very peculiar areas of the human life. 
They are, unlike the normal businesses and establishments we see around, uncommon and usually not transacted physically but all the same, meets the need of the customers as at when due and rakes in millions of money annually. What are the kinds of niche businesses that you also can look to as an entrepreneur and make money from?


1. Software Tutoring
There is various computer software out there now such as Photoshop, Java, Dreamweaver, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and the likes and there are a lot of people who want to learn it, or who have learnt it but would love to broaden their knowledge, widen their scope and hone their already acquired skills for all these software packages. There are usually instructional manuals that are aimed at taking the user through but they have their own limit, which you can exploit. Organize clients into small group and take them what they need to know. In little time, with recommendations and all, you would have enough clients to keep you busy all the days of the week.

2. Freelancing
Freelancing is simply the practice of handling certain jobs for certain people, establishments and corporations without actually being a worker. This makes you something of a contract staff and you get to get paid one time for what you have done. Asides from being a huge money-maker for those who are still unemployed or into the business full time, gainfully employed people can also freelance in their free time likewise.

3. Developing apps for children
The world is estimated to be at over 7 billion people right now and majority of those are still children. This means that any market targeted at them is sure to enjoy success. Develop an app that focuses on the building of such child and with studies now showing that ¾ of children in most parts of the world own or have the means to a cell phone, this could be a huge boom for you. Tomorrow, a larger corporation might even seek to buy your software for a large amount.

4. Recycling
Someone once said “waste business is good business” and they couldn’t have said it better. The earth is going the way of recycles now and a lot of companies appreciate when their wares are recycled. Look for such companies and get how they pay per materials recycled. It could be glass, bottles, scrap iron or even electronic devices. All these things might look like a waste to someone else, but they are a great source of income for you.

5. Health Club/ Fitness Center

Today, people are more aware of their bodies, the change that occur therein and would do almost anything to keep themselves in prime condition for living long and staying healthy. That is why you can capitalize on this need by starting a health club and fitness center alongside it. make it open to different people of different ages and have different plans for them. Get a study on how it’s being down, employ other competent hands to help you if need be and you’ll be surprised at the turn out.