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How To Make Money Online From Konga Affiliate Program

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The Nigerian Internet world have developed tremendously. Many online ventures have been setup and running effectively and making money for the founders. Why some business are enriching their founders, there are some others that can also make your money.
Previously, making money online in Nigeria have been solely dependent from foreign owned online business companies; however, there have been a turnaround within the past decades with the emergence of many Nigerian owned company  online company, we (Nigerians) can now boost of our own and also make legitimate money through them.

Of such ways to make money online is through affiliate marketing and one of the leading affiliate company in Nigeria is Konga affiliate marketing.

What is Konga Afilliate Marketing-
Is of no news you have heard of konga.com the leading online store in Nigeria where you can buy variety of things ranging from Household appliance, gadgets, computer and accessories, fashion items, electronics, wears both for men and women and kids alike, shoes etc.  However it might still be news that this leading online store offers an affiliate program in which you can refer people to make purchase on their site through a special allocated link (called affiliate link) and earn commission doing it.

Unfortunately, many Nigerians are still not making the best out of this opportunity, some perhaps like the past me still don’t believe one can make money through konga affiliate marketing. Well it has changed, and am stating categorically that it’s a sure way to make money online. I heard of Pascal of Naijatech, yet wasn’t moved but recently I decided to give it a try and that’s why am here to get you started to earn money just like I have. I won’t however talk about my earning for its not yet worth the talk (so small) but haven earned I am bringing the good news to you.

How to Make Money On Konga Affiliate Program

Before we get to it i would want you to know that making money on Konga requires nothing but your ability  to share and encourage friends and family to make purchase on Konga.
You don’t need to be a seasoned webmaster, you don’t need to have a blog with million visits, just with your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc) you can start earning.

Get started 
Click on the above sign up button which will take you directly to the sign up page. Please click and register before you continue reading.
Signing up simply involves filling in your personal details, contact details and the Bank account detail with which you will get paid, then wait for approval.
Why wait for approval lets continue with the guides. Though Konga will provide you with tips but this are are necessary you know now.
Once Signed up and approved (approval takes less than 24hrs, if submitted during week days). Konga offers different campaigns which you are required to promote using your affiliate link from which you will make commissions off every sale.

Below is a list of the campaign and their respective commission rates.

If you haven’t sign up yet do it now.
Now login to konga Affiliate account, Navigate to promotion, click on campaign to view the above listed categories , click on the one you have the audience for i.e. if you know that you friends like shoes, or clothes more , then chose campaign on fashion and wears, so doing you will likely get fast sale/ commission. 

You can also share this campaign on social media with your affiliate link on it for tracking, you can also use banner ads to this effects (especially if you have a blog or Website)

Earning potential is not bad as you can get as high as 9% commission of every purchase. The opportunity is good, start now. Click here and sign up . don’t hesitate, give it a try , you have nothing to loose.

ARTICLE SOURCE: www.naijasphere.com