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Top 10 Small Business Ideas For Kids

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Whenever the word entrepreneur is mentioned, the age range that comes to the mind of most people is at least 25 and above but this is not supposed to be so. Here at Abode Business, we believe that anyone can be an entrepreneur in as much as they see a need, know how to identify and go about that need and successfully fill the need. That is why parents need to be on the lookout for their kids and encourage them to have an entrepreneurship spirit right from their kid-lives. Below are the 10 most suitable ventures for your kids if they so wish to get engaged and become an entrepreneur.

   1. Service rendering
During the holidays, your child could take up a job with friends and neighbors, rendering various services to them and getting paid in the process. There are a lot of indoor and outdoor services that would both be fun and rewarding to the child which includes gardening, cleaning, home sitting, cleaning the garage, cleaning of swimming pools, raking snow (for those abroad) etc.

   2. Arts and crafts
If your child is very artistic and highly crafty, you could set them up really good by helping them to market some of their wares and sell it to your own friends and colleagues. Even if what they are making from the proceeds is very little, this would serve as a big source of encouragement.

   3. Pet sitting
Pet are lovely friends and if your child seems to think the same too, why not introduce the idea of pet sitting to them? Your neighbors could be going out for a nice weekend or a long vacation and just by keeping a pet company – which your child would love too – they could also make money on the side.

   4. Online retailing
For a child that is tech savvy and internet oriented, you might want to start an online retailing platform for such a child. You might even start off with an affiliate marketing link, teaching them the kinks and watching them grow on their own. Not only are you keeping such child engaged but teaching them important lessons directly

   5. Gardening
Many kids find gardening a challenging line of work but not after you show them the nice side of having the joy of growing something. Set up a garden for your child and encourage them to grow something of their own choice. Imposing your own choice here won’t help, so let them choose.

   6. Web development
The most interesting thing about web design and development is that even from the comfort of the home, the child can learn it by reading. Set your baby up with computer and some books to follow. The world of coding is a constantly evolving one and that kind of adventure would keep them glued throughout the holidays and beyond.
   7. Baby sitting
You already know what babysitting is and you could introduce this to your kids. If they have the patience enough to do that, just talk one of your friends or neighbors into letting your kids babysit their child. Never have to worry about your kid coming to you for candy money again.

   8. Entertainment.
If your kid has a whole repertoire of talents such as being funny, running a puppet show, making imitations and the likes, you could get them invites to other children parties to show off their stuff. You could even start by charging nothing for your child’s services, giving the kid a chance to build and perfect their craft for the big stage.

    9. Gift wrapping
This sounds funny, doesn’t it? as easy as it sounds, not everyone can wrap a gift. Just do a run through of all the gifts you have received in a long time and check the wrappings on them. For this reason, if your child is blessed in that department, let them work for friends, neighbors or even local stores as gift wrappers, among other things
   10. Having a garage sale
You have had some books, shoes, boots, coats, hangers and whatnot that you have stored up in the attic or your garage. What you might not know is that someone else is in need of these things that you have discarded and for a little price, your child could make a lot off the garage sale. 

Think of it as giving off the stuffs you don’t need while also showing your kid the fundamentals of business.

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