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How to Start a Computer Training Institute

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The world is now a place where computer literacy and knowledge reigns supreme, what with the advent and widespread of the internet. These days, there is rarely a job that one can hold without being computer literate to a certain extent. 

Nearly everything is now computerised from our homes to the workplace and the basic knowledge that is required in handling a computer is needed in each and every aspect of our lives now. Gone are the days when computes only functioned as business tools and thing that only the very privileged in the society had the access to. Now, computers are there for all and sundry to make use of.


As this necessity goes though, it is unfortunate that not a lot of people are trained and well versed in the art of using a computer. Even the basic typing skills eludes them talk less of doing all other simple (which would look complex to them) things on a computer. As much as it is their loss, this is your own gain and you can effectively make it into their own gain likewise by investing in the computer business.

Now, we don’t mean that you should buy a computer and sell to these people. Far from it. Of what use would the computer be to someone that doesn’t know how to make use of it in the first place? It would just look like a useless piece of machinery and waste of space that would gather dust over time to them. Instead, look to investing in an ICT centre or as we have come to now commonly know it, a computer training centre/ institute.

Prospects of a computer training centre

These days, being a graduate of a reputable institution alone does not guarantee you to get that job that you have always dream about as it would most likely be awarded to someone that has better computer training than you. Just imagine if you were vying with someone for a job and both of you were on equal footing. They would certainly look for ways to pick the best and your background in handling computers is always one place that job providers look at. This gives your business an edge in that people see it as a necessity and therefore require your services.

It would be hard for students to pass through schools these days without one or two things known about computers. With the barrage of assignments, project works, tests and examinations being thrown at them, they would need to have some computer training and this is where you and your business comes into the equation again.
A lot of reputable examination bodies have also opted for the use of computers to examine students over other methods such as written and oral tests, strengthening the need for even more people to come patronise you. Imagine the amount of students that would come to your institute to learn some basic things before their UTME or post UTME exam kicks off and charging at the full and standard rates, how much this business would rake in for you within that time frame alone.

We should probably mention that you would also get patronised by job holders because with the recent trend in companies converting all of their records from physical books to computer software packages, any staff that   is not computer compliant and cannot operate a computer faces a very big risk of losing the job. It is very hard to get a job in the first place as it is and people would guard against losing their daily nine to five, so again, more customers for you.
We could go on and on but you have already seen how the market has opened up nicely for you. How about we go into investing now?

   1. Purchase of Computer Units and Accessories
The first thing that you would need to do is purchase units of computers to be used and any other associated accessory that you may see fit to make your work easier and smoother. You could start small with just a few computers and expand further as your clientele and income base increases. Some of the things you would be required to purchase on start-up are software, desks and chairs, computer, books, internet connection, latest computers etc.

    2.  Location
The next thing you would need to consider is a location. Don’t establish your shop in a region clustered by houses or where interest would not be gained in your business. Setting up shop around a school or business area for example would be highly beneficial to the growth of your business. Once again, make sure your location is near the target audience you had in mind.


   3.  Hire People
Unless you are planning to teach only one student at a time, you would need to get more hands for the business. Get a computer literate to handle things with you in the shop. As a start up, you could get an undergraduate student to help you out on their breaks or evenings for a certain fee because they would not charge you much. Before hiring, get to know what they can do first so that they don’t mislead your students and cook up a bad reputation for you. If need be, you could tutor them a little before starting.

    4.   Register the business
Registering the business would help you to be on the good side of the law and also ensure that people know that you are not a scam business of some sort. You don’t want any run-ins with the law and you want to paint a good image for yourself. So, go register.

    5.  Prepare certificates
Since your company is now registered, certificates issued to students can really reflect on their CV and you would be able to charge more for your professional services. Make provisions for certificates of different kinds to be awarded to the students upon completion of any course they have opted for.

    6.  Marketing

With every other thing now in place, marketing your services through handbills, fliers, social media, word of mouth, family and friends etc. are a perfect way to start your marketing. Let people know the edge your give them over all others and keep your services plain and simple to them. You could even offer training on professional packages to them at a discount to gain more customers on start up.

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