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How To Start A Lucrative Granite Quarry Business

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Granite is a type of hard grey stone , often used in building. It is also used for construction of roads, bridges, tiles and so on. This grey type of stone is mostly used by construction companies and depending on the type of project they have on ground, that is how they need granite and in turn they need individuals who are granite quarry suppliers to supply them with granite in large quantities.

Granite quarry business is a very lucrative business, there is big money to make from supplying granite. But the thing is, this business requires huge capital to start and if you can get the needed capital then you can do this business. This article is to show you the basic steps that will enable you set up the granite quarry business and make cool cash while at it.

       Before you begin the journey of establishing your own business, you need to consider getting a well written business plan. Your business plan should be able to analyse in details your business capital, local competitors, market strategies, the best location for the business, how to source for equipment, number of workers to hire, what scale to operate the business and others.

       All of these questions needs to be answered in your business plan, because a good business plan can get you the right investors or loan for your business --so make sure that it is well written. You can always seek the service of a business consultant to help you work out a well written plan if you are not up to the task.

        You need to consider getting a business license if you plan on operating this business in a legal way with no interference from any government body. So visit the corporate affairs commission department in your state of residence and go through the process of obtaining your business license together with your tax identification number. Remember to open a business account with your business name for smooth transactions.

       Already you are aware this is a capital intensive business, so you need to make sure that you get the capital needed for this business is ready. From the rough market estimation I did, you will need about $20,000 and that is 6million Naira in Nigeria currency to get this business up and running. There are heavy duty machineries to buy, property to lease and logistics to handle, these are the major areas a good percentage of your capital will be going to.

        Before renting the property where the quarry is, you need to be sure of these factors, for your location to be close to your target buyers, accessibility --you need to also make sure the road leading to the site is motorable in order not to cause damages to your machineries.

        To fully start operation, you first need to purchase these heavy duty machineries like, payloader machine, way bridge, excavator, crusher, carriage trucks to transport the granite when they are ready to location of buyers and the rest.

        You need to consider hiring experience and dedicated workers because it is important in this kind of business. You need workers who will help fasten your pace of work and also carry out smooth production.

        Once you are done with production, your next line of action is to get samples of your granite to prospective buyers. Get in contact with top project managers in and outside your district, propose a good deal that will get them to secure contracts with you to start supplying their companies with your granite. You can sign up with fellow granite suppliers group, make sure to identify and socialize with them --they might also be your link to getting contracts to supply granite.

There you have it. I hope this article has given you enough to get you started. And remember to stay dedicated to the business, that is the only way you can hope to achieve success.

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