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How to Start a Milk Delivery Business

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Dairy farming is one of the most versatile kinds of market in the agricultural industry and milk production so happens to be one of the best moneybags in the agric sector likewise.

 We have deemed dairy farming as highly lucrative because not only do you get maximum profits from the processing and selling of the milk you’ll get from your cows (which would even cover up all the other costs of production and capital in little time), you get additional options of marketing the wool from them and likewise, selling your cows for meat when old age starts to strike and production begin to drop. Is that not the kind of multi-faceted kind of income stream that you would love to be associated with?

Now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves and start thinking about the money before the process. How can you successfully start a milk distribution business in Nigeria?

The first thing you need to know about the milk distribution business is the manufacturing process in the first place. If you would want to fully go large scale on this business, manual milking won’t cut it for you so its best to just opt for mechanical hands to help with the milking process. To produce the milk to a very great level of taste and purity as we have it packaged today, it usually requires you to have carried out seven different processes on it which are

    · Collection of the milk (by mechanically milking the      cows)
    ·  Separation of particles from milk (done by running        the milk through a clarifier)
    ·  Fortification of raw milk (by addition of useful             vitamins e.g. vit A, K and D)
    ·  Pasteurization (passing into a pasteurizer made           for different types of milk)
    ·   Homogenising (reducing the milk-fat particle                 sizes)
    ·  Cleaning and 
    ·  Packaging (pumping finished products into                  commercial containers)

The seven processes as listed above are to be followed religiously and without exception to give your customers the absolute best at all times. Now that we have gone through the process of manufacture, how do we go about distribution?

1. Business Site
The site of your business bears a very large influence over the kind of income you would be making. If you want to run a successful chain of distribution, it is important that you site your business in a place that can be easily accessed by your target market. Proximity to electricity and good roads would also be a boost to keep your products fresh and your business afloat

2. Licensing
People would buy only what they trust and would never seek to experiment with something dangerous to their health. Therefore, it would be wise for you to get a regulatory agency to certify your business for being healthy and safe. One of such agencies is NAFDAC and another for standard is SON. Get certified and increase your chances of getting picked over competitors.

3. Make Connections
Instead of just distributing your milk to local stores, some shops around and even selling on the internet, you could enter a sort of contract with other milk manufacturers or companies that require milk for their activities and supply them on agreement. Such companies in Nigeria are Fan Milk, Peak Milk, Loya Milk and the likes. Although they have their own dairy farms too, a little more of quality milk from you would always be welcome.

4. Marketing
As a distributor of milk, it is very important that you make sure your product gets out to all and sundry. It is not just enough that your products are now in the local store and you feel that is enough reason for you to rest on your oars. No, far from it. the internet is at your disposal and the international market is also interested in your business. Take advantage of it.

5. what are you still waiting for?
 This is the point where you need to do a great feasibility study and act on those points above. In no time, your financial life would have been transformed.

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