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How to Start A Show Business In Nigeria

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Everyone loves a good entertainment from time to time and everyone is down for a good party also. That is why the show business industry is still not lacking till today and generates a lot of money. If you are still wondering how much you can get on a show that you have organized, think about the number of shows that you have attended with tickets being sold in the range of #200, #500, #1000, #5000, #10,000 and the likes and estimate the amount of people that came to such a show. Multiply the tickets by the number of attendees and after the operating and running costs have been deducted, the organizers of the show would still cart away a lot of money. That is the beauty of show business.

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To charge Such fees as above even means that you are a starter in the business as the bigger shows today charge as much as millions per table, and numerous tables would be in view. Others who also operate the sections (VIP, regular, etc.) also make a lot of money off the concept and you can too. But how?

  1. Time
To excel in showbiz, you don’t just organize any event at any time but have to put into consideration what time would be best to generate a maximum turnout. Most times, the best time to put these kinds of events are festive periods, the end of the year, during a public holiday or during a special event time. This would help people have the time and will to do something fun on such days and you would be the go-to place

  1. Venue
Venue is equally important and it goes a long way increasing the interest s of prospective attendees. If you choose an unflattering location for your event, you would end up getting a low turnout but pick an interesting place, a popular events centre or the hall of a nice hotel and watch people troop in to buy your tickets for a seat at the event
  1. Side attractions
People are not coming to your event to count the ceilings of the hall you have rented but to have fun. Therefore, the amount of fun you can promise would determine how they would show up. Get important and big artiste, celebrities and performance groups to come and perform at your event. The big names usually attract the biggest crowds.

  1. Advance time
It is better not to plan a show at all and wait for another time than to plan the show under a great rush and mess things up. Before a show, give yourself ample time to make all the necessary planning, invite all the performing acts of the day, get the venue ready and announce ticket sales. A rushed thing might lead to a failed event or even, low publicity about your event which translates to low ticket sales

  1. Know the market
You are delving into territory that is held by the biggest men in the entertainment industry and you would not want to mess up. Talk to some oldies in the business and know how things are being run, make good advertisements and follow-up on your cause. For show pricing, start small and when people start to recognize your brand, you can go in for the maximum profits. Your millions are waiting.