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How to start Up a Business While Working Full Time

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There are a lot of times when full time employees usually nurse the desire to become an entrepreneur and establish their own businesses also but the way to go about this is not clear. Given the time consuming nature of business, most full time employees usually discard the idea as fast as it comes. It might be that you love your job so much or the pay is quite attractive and those are contributing factors in you not wanting to leave that office. 

Well, we want to tell you now that it is perfectly possible and feasible that you have a business you are running on the side while still a full time employee. Asides the fact that this would open a new source of income to you, you would even have something to fall back on in case of retrenchments or retirement. Below is a sample plan for entrepreneurs who hold full time jobs.


    1. Plan. Plan. Plan.
This is the starting out point of your business and you don’t want it to start getting wounded up with your full time job. For this reason, you need to make a lot of plans towards the business. Breakdown all the process of starting up and launching into small and easily achievable units to prevent you from getting overwhelmed with the whole process. take into consideration those things that can be achieved on a short term and those that need long term planning such as insurance. These plans would help you maintain focus when you are in the midst of a mental chaos.

    2. Get a routine
With a regular job already, it is usually hard for workers to have time to themselves and wanting to have a business on the side would men even less time for you. for this reason, you have to start planning your time into routines else you might find out one day that you have gone through a full month and have neglected some of the most important aspects of your life in a bid to keep business, body and soul working.
    3. Use holidays and breaks judiciously
Your business requires a great deal of time and every spare time on your hand is as important as the next one. Use holidays to better build your business and promote our brand. Working hard these days can even be a source of extra cash that can be pumped back into the business as capital. By the time your business kicks off big time, you would not need to work on holidays anymore.

   4. Hire
The work would undoubtedly start to get bigger as the business increases and you would not be available to do everything by yourself. For this reason, you would need to hire someone competent enough to hold the position for you while you are away.

  5. Location
While a lot of times, we always advice you to choose a location based on its proximity to your target market, we have to take into consideration your job now and therefore you should have to choose a location that would make it easy to move from your workplace to your business place. You should also consider areas where your business would enjoy the best growth with minimal distractions.
    6. Opt for an online business

Now, this is just an extra piece of advice. While it not impossible that you make a physical business work while still holding a job, you could look to online business as these require little or no capital and are usually more flexible. The thing is to consider whatever rocks you boat better.

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