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How to Start a Furniture Business in Nigeria

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Furniture business is one of the business that have long been in existence and have made much money for many.The market for furniture in Nigeria and abroad is simply huge! Let me ask how complete will the body be without the internal organs? furniture is synonymous to the internal organs as no house no matter its outer appearance will ever be complete without furniture.

Furniture is the beauty of homes, offices, churches,schools, government house etc. Furniture is demanded by all, it is demanded in hotels, restaurant, offices, churches and no matter how costly they may be, its still remain a necessity that can not be do away with.

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For Long Nigerians have overlooked many profiting business such as the furniture business and have focused on oil. Unfortunately, oil seems no longer assuring as it was at the onset. Many are now looking for other lucrative opportunities that they can make money from and in such are in continuous search for business ideas they could start.

Fortunately, Nigeria is blessed with so many business opportunities, all we need do is discover and explore. If your among the multitude that are looking for profiting business to start then i will advice you leave what ever you are doing and concentrate on this article as we will together discover the gold mine that we have long overlooked in the furniture business. Also we will explore the possible steps and measures we can take to start and earn hugely.

Nigeria is a populous country with over 170 million population, presenting a perfect market for your furniture business. Following the development and improvement in lifestyle, many houses, hotels, restaurant, schools, offices, churches, etc are being completed daily and of this numerous houses, restaurant, hotels etc all requires furniture for completion.

A set of complete set of sofa goes for a price of or above 200,000 (for locally made sofas) and for a price of 1.5 - 2.0 million (for imported sofas). Every now and then this money is spent on furniture for homes, offices, restaurant, hotels etc and its high time you get a fair cut on this.

To start a furniture business in Nigeria, you neither need to become an apprentice to learn carpentry nor do you  need to be a carpenter, you can simply buy and resell, open a show room and become a middle man between furniture producer and final consumer. You can also employ good carpenters to make quality furniture for you under your future company.

To start, there are different stages you can invest in this business. you can start -

- furniture importation and sell business or
- local furniture production and sale business

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In  this article we will discuss local furniture production in our next article we will discuss furniture importation and sell business.

80 % of the Nigerian population are average earners and will likely patronize local furniture dealers than the costly imported furniture.

To start- Get a good carpenter(s)
Nigeria is blessed with timber- the only raw materials for furniture production. With high availability of timber, the first steps to take to start your furniture business is to source for a good carpenter. Note however, not every body that can hit a nail through a piece of wood is a carpenter. Source and get good carpenter and negotiate with them. they will be responsible for production and  supply of the furniture at a fixed price then you can resell at a higher price.

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Get a Show Room-
You will also need to lease or rent an apartment from where you will showcase and sell your furniture. Ensure your desired apartment is near major roads, where it will gain more exposure as advertising and showcasing is a key to success in this business. entertain customers/ potential customers, negotiate kindly and sell your furniture a a profitable price. you can buy sets of quality sofa at a cheap price of 120,000  and sell for a price of 150,000 or more. that is a guaranteed 30,000 profit sale of one set.

Over to You: 
Tell us what you think of this business and how lucrative do you think it will be if you start it in your location ? - use the comment box.

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