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How to Start Guava Farming Business in Nigeria

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Guava is a tropical fruit found mostly in West Africa and in Tropical America. In Tropical America, the guava fruit is yellow in color with pink inside. While in West Africa especially in Nigeria, there are two species - one have green skin with white inside, and the other pink inside.
A lot of people consume guava because of its nutritious taste and it's medicinal benefits. The guava fruit is made up of vitamin C, rich in potassium, antioxidants pigments (polyphenols), iron, and calcium. All these health benefits are the major reasons guava fruit is largely source after.
So many people are getting into the guava farm business today due to the potential and profits one can easily get from this venture. And this can only happen if you are dedicated and have the passion to go all the way.
Please go through the following steps and see the things you need to put in place to start your own guava farm.

     A good research is highly recommended in a business especially if it's a farm business. Once you carry out the research, you will be able to conclude on the area that best suit your farm business. You will also be able to know the number of years needed to cultivate and harvest the guava fruit, your capital, transportation cost and marketing analysis. All in all, if you feel it will be too much work to carry out research, you can always go online and purchase a feasibility study on guava farm business.

    Before you start your guava farm, it is important to know the various categories in guava seeds. This will help you decide on the land to farm in and also help you focus on the specific type of guava seed that will be suitable on the soil of the land. You see, guava plant sometimes depend on weather conditions to grow well and that is one major factor to consider before getting your farm land.

    Once you are able to secure a suitable land for your guava farm, the next step is to source for workforce. You need to ensure that you get workers who will be as dedicated as you to your farm business. The hire workers will help in clearing and preparing your land for farming, they will also help in planting of seeds, cultivating and taking care of the trees as well as transporting and marketing the guava fruits to local markets.

    As a start up farm business, you are expected to have conduct research and know the specific needs and choices of your target markets. Once you are done with harvesting, the next thing to do is to create awareness for your products and also find ways to transport this products to all the local markets around your town.

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   Sometimes, during the process of creating awareness, major fruit dealers from local markets might come directly to your farm and make purchase of all your guava fruits. Keep it in mind though, that there is always a ever-ready market for your guava fruits because practically everyone loves guava. It is used to make other products like cakes, sauce, ice-cream, puddings, butter, chutney, jam, relish, tropical drinks etc.

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