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How to Start Profitable Tomato Farming Business In Nigeria

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Have you ever wondered how profitable it could be to start a tomato farm? Do you want to invest in tomato farming business but not sure of return on investment? Below in this article we will both learn the profitability of tomato farming in Nigeria (or any other country), how to start- with step by Step guide and how to market and get back your invested capital with huge profit.
Tomato is a vegetable crop which remains a constant ingredient in the preparation of multiple meals across the country. Tomato is an excellent source of vitamin C, beta-carotene, vitamin E and very good source of antioxidant agents. The medicinal value and health benefit of tomato is enormous to mention and there have never been a better time to eat this vegetable.
The demand for tomato in Nigeria and beyond is high, increasing the profitability.

Tomato is consumed by all (young, old, male and female). The average Nigerian consume tomato worth above N1,000 weekly and Nigeria has a population of above 170 million individual thereby summing the demand to a figure above 2 metric tons. The demand is exponentially equated to the supply, with all tomato farmers combine their produce barley meet 30% of the demand as most of the tomato consumed in Nigeria are mainly imported from neighboring country. Previous years recorded 65,809 tons of tomato were imported into the country which amounts to a total cost of 11.7 billion.
These figures have doubled if not quadruped in recent times as Nigerian population is on constant growth. 

This and future estimation simply denotes a huge market for tomato and indicates a profitable business with little or no competition for investors to invest and make money. So about profitability, Tomato Farming business is simply lucrative- You can start and get your return on investment just within 9 months. Haven established the above; let’s see the steps to start.

    1. Get a Business Plan
First thing first! Get a detailed business plan – this helps you plan ahead, shows you how much you will need to invest either on a small scale, medium or large scale, how to invest and what to expect back on investment. The need for a business plan can’t be over emphasized.

    2. Get a Land
Likewise every other farming business, get a suitable farmland for your tomato farm. Consider plain lands. Depending on the scale you want to operate, you can start small (from your backyard), medium ( a piece of land), or large scale ( on acres of land). Whichever scale you choose to operate, ensure the farmland is suitable for this purpose.

   3. Get tomato Seeds-
This step is crucial for the success of this business. Getting the right variety of tomato seeds for your farm is a 50% step towards success. The most widely available species are – Cherry Tomatoes, sauce tomato and beef stake.
Different variety can be cultivated, identify and get just the right variety or planting.

    4. Setup a good irrigation System-
Tomato plants are mesopytes (i.e requires water and sunlight in adequate proportions without one exceeding another). Tomato plants in such would need to be grown under watered environment. Considering the time, soil type and proximity to water supply, a good irrigation system must be put in place to ensure healthy tomato crops and to avoid seasonal farming.

    5. Fertilizers-
Probably, your selected farmland might not contain all the required macro and micro nutrient for the proper germination and fruiting of tomato plants and in such comes the need for fertilizers. It’s important to use fertilizers in farmlands were tomato are grown to aid crops full production and healthy maturity.

    6. Consider possible challenges-
Tomato farming comes with somewhat challenges such as
    -Rodents, birds, insects, pest and other creatures that might attack  your crop leading to losses.
    - Diseases
    - Perish ability of farm produce- adequate preservative method must be put in place to avoid perishing of harvested produces.

    7. Harvest and sell-
Tomato matures fast and harvest and sales can take effect months after planting.

    8. Marketing and Sale-
Marketing and sale of produce should be effective and well before harvesting to avoid losses as tomato is a perishable product.

Conclusively, tomato farming is a profitable agricultural business opportunity for anybody willing to start either on a small scale, medium or large scale. Millions consume tomato on daily basis, so there is a huge market for this vegetable crop thus an opportunity for big business and big money for smart investors/entrepreneurs.

What do you think of tomato farming business? Please let us know through the by leaving a comment below.

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