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Profitable Small Town Business Ideas

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People who live in small towns are usually faced with the problem of what kind of business to start because they are usually given to the feeling that there is no kind of business that can survive the long run in such areas but then, thinking along that line might just be stretching the truth a little too far. 

It is true that big businesses may not fare well in small towns, but have you thought about the upside? Most businesses started in small towns are usually new innovations and this mean you have the monopoly. Again, being small, everyone is so concentrated that they could easily make you their first point of call. Let’s go now to see the kinds of money mines that you could easily embrace as a small town dweller.


        1. Organic Produce
Having a small farm or a cultivated backyard where you could get some fruits and vegetables for sale is really not a bad idea in small towns. These things are usually in modest demand around small parts and you could be the major supplier to the local store.

        2. Woodwork.
Have you picked up some skills in carpentry and woodwork somewhere along the line? If yes, then small towns are the best place to settle down and do your business. You would be making a lot from making simple household furniture to erecting barns and other farm structures for farmers, kiosks for traders and the likes.

         3. Salon

A salon is one of the most basic needs of the residents of any area and opening up such business in small areas is not a long shot always. You would be able to provide your services on a small scale to an ever ready list of customers.

         4. Selling eggs.
Creating your own mini poultry farm where you could easily get some gees and sell is not actually a bad idea when in small towns. Starting a smack poultry requires little capital and the returns are encouraging.

         5. Tea Cultivation
The cultivation/ gardening of tea is especially great if you stay in an area where the residents are lovers of tea or there is a tea house in the area. Just grow them in vases which can be placed on your balcony and sell at the right time. They mature fast enough, and all you’ll need to is just water them.

         6. Coffee beans
Even if the residents are not a fan of special tea, coffee beans and the tea that can be made from it is a pretty common consumable. Learn how to start your own farm and you don’t even need land if you don’t want to. Polythene bags would do the trick for you.

         7. Camp site
Small towns are usually equipped with the most beautiful scenarios and magical locations and you could take advantage of this by starting up a camp site. Advertise your amp in newspapers and you would be surprised to see people trooping in. just make sure you establish it to maximum fun conditions.

         8. Tour Guide/ Operator
Over time, a lot of people would start coming into your small town to see special places especially if it’s an already established tourist center. You could take advantage by learning all about a place and offering your services to tourists as a tour guide.  Be witty, informative and humorous all in the same breath and you would start making a decent income from this.

         9. Indigenous Clothing.

Local and small areas usually have their own special type of traditional clothing and investing your time into making these fabrics is a real money-maker too. What’s best is that there would be abroad markets which would be interested so you could send it to markets in other towns.