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Top 10 Products to Export and Make Huge profits

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The importing and exporting business is a cool niche to make money from but what is great about the business venture is that under it, there are a variety of sub-niches that you can cater to. You don’t need to stick to the exporting of one product because it is the only kind that can be exported since there are a variety of products to export under different industries and sectors. 

Below are the top 20 products that you can export and make a lot of money from.

      1. Ginger
Ginger is not only one of the most sought after and largely used spice in the world, it also finds fertile land in Nigeria here and is being produced in large quantities. It is then baffling why people have not seen the potential and started exporting this. You could start small by just sending your ginger products over the Trans- Sahara or Atlantic trade routes and you’ll be getting your steady flow of hard currencies.

Not only does palm kernel oil find application in cooking, it is also used in the cosmetics and health industry and this diversity means it would be in high demand in foreign companies and markets too. Find a country that has reasonable exchange rates for your products and identify a market there. once that is done, load up and export.

      3. Textile
Year in and year out, it is estimated that the textile industry gets a revenue of about $32 billion in export from the Nigerian market alone and not only is it a good money-maker, it has a very safe passage through customs and its officers unlike some other goods. How would you like to be a partaker of that many billions of dollars today?

      4.  Cocoa
Cocoa is like the cream of all agricultural exports that we have in Nigeria, and that is due to the number of markets that it caters to. You could export to chocolate industries, cosmetic industries, food and beverage industries and even, pharmaceutical industries too.

       5.  Rubber
In the dollar free market today, you could sell a standard cubic metre of finely process rubber for about $400 - $600 dollars, and some even sell for more. Imagine what you would be able to do with a truckload of rubber or a farm that is based on cultivation of rubber trees. That is one endless flow of income especially as the European and American societies usually demand it in large quantities.

     6. Honey
The honey that you would see packed in bottles here and take for granted are making huge dollars in the international market. viable for use in the home cooking industry, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, you could sell a kilogram of honey for above $150 on exports now.

This could make you laugh, but it is the truth. The world might have advanced technologically but the use of coals in steam engines and some ships cannot be replaced. Having about 50% return on investment, charcoal is being produced in large quantities in Nigeria and a tonne can be sold for as much as a thousand customers to willing customers such as the united states, Asia and the European union.