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Top Freelance Jobs Opportunities to Earn from Home

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The song that is being sung by many economies around the word today is not a happy one especially with the kinds of economic situations and policies being peddled around now.

 Many things have been affected – there has been inflation, there has been devaluation of the money and the money market and the one that pertains to our present discussion today is the part of unemployment that has been battling us. 

Not only has the government not been able to provide jobs for those seeing, they have also started to retrench those that used to have jobs. With jobs not forthcoming, an online freelance career is the best thing to keep yourself busy and earn some money before a job comes along again. Let’s look at some freelance opportunities for you.

         1. Writing
This was stated first because it is the most common freelance opportunity out there. All you need for start-up is a laptop for writing, a good internet connection and good writing skills. You don’t even need any certification to start. All you need do is help clients handle anything that pertains to writing and you get paid.

        2. Web design and development
Websites do not make themselves and if you have a great eye and mind for programming and happened to have learnt the art of web design, there are a variety of clients online that are looking for freelancer to hire as opposed to office people.
         3. Search Engine Optimization
Businesses are now starting to see that people tend to go online to search for the things that they need and they would most likely go for the first set of products they see. For this reason, they would need the services of someone versed inn SEO to help them strategically place their products to appear fast enough when searched for.

         4. Graphics design
The demand for graphics can only go up, and never down. Just walk your street and observe the number of posters, bills, banners, sign boards and the likes. If you are god at handling graphics software and programs, advertise your services online and even show samples.

          5. Marketing
Companies, especially online stores such as Jumia, Konga, Amazon and the rest, are increasingly aware that they can get their customers mostly from the internet. If you feel that you have strong marketing skills, you could sign up to work as a freelance marketer for them.

         6. E-Assistant
The demands of the 21st century makes it look like 24 hours isn’t even enough anymore and a lot of business owners and corporate workers feel the same too. Therefore, they would need your services to plan their schedules and date their calendars, read and reply their mails for them, etc.

          7. Translation services
In the case that you are versed in the speaking and writing of two or more languages, you will be better off offering your services to companies that wish to expand the scope of their services to another country or region by helping them translate their materials from one language to the other.  Major languages are usually the catch here.

         8. Video messages
A picture speaks a thousand words, and a moving picture speaks even more. If you are good at video creation and editing, there are freelance jobs that requires you to create and edit videos for business promotional purposes and you would be paid handsomely too.

9. Coaching and consultancy
Having a skill or activity that you are very developed in is an advantage if you also have people skills to go with it because you could easily open up a consultancy firm as a freelancer to give people tips and ideas on whatever niche it is you have carved out.

         10. Asset maintenance

It is important to a lot of businesses that they maintain their assets because they know that is much cheaper compared to having to make a new purchase. If you have these kinds of management skills, you’ll be surprised at the amount of dollars some are willing to pay you just to manage their assets.