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Best Social Media Platforms For Business

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Social Media platforms are fantastic resources for business of all sizes with view to promote their brands online. However, one of the most common business dilemmas is figuring out where to start your social media marketing. Many are often confused and overwhelmed by the various social Medias. Today, I introduce top notch ideas to help you decide where to invest your time and energy for the best results for your business.

I need state this point up front: when considering your online marketing strategy, you must put your business website first. If you don’t have a website, read our article on HOW TO CREATE A PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE.
Your website is a base camp to which you will link to from all the various social media I will introduce below, you would through this social media drive traffic to your site and increase conversion. Simply note that social media are other people’s property, your website is yours so remains most important of all social medias.

Did You know that there are 100+ thriving social media sites online and more are popping up every day. This makes it had for most business owners to decide where to start and which of these social media platforms should one include in their online marketing strategy.

Below is my list of best social media platform. Note however, you don’t have to do all of them.

    1. Facebook:-
Facebook is the biggest social media network on the world wide web. Facebook was launched in February 2014 and has since then grown to become the giant in social media both in recognition and total number of active users.
Facebook is a great medium for your business to connect people from all over the world with over 1.55 billion active users thus a great social media platform for business.

Facebook is free, easy to use and support most business organization through their page and group feature. Facebook interface makes reaching millions of audience easy which in real life reaching such number and type of audience would be impossible.

    2. Twitter:-
Another social media platform for business where you can post anything from short text updates, videos, images, polls, links etc is twitter- A micro-blogging social media site launched since 2004.
Twitter is a great way to quickly take words about your business to people all around the world. Twitter has a wide reach with over 320 million active users worldwide. Twitter is definitely a great way for business to market their brands and create an effective channels for handful customers services.

      3. Youtube:-
You tube is a a social media site owned by google in which users can share videos. Youtube is a great social media platform for business. Including videos in your online marketing strategies have proven effective over the years. Its just as important as other social marketing strategy as it exposes your business to the world. The only difference is its through videos.
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      4. Google +
Google+, just like facebook and twitter provides a great and easy way to reach new audience. Google Plus is a power house, no surprise since its owned by Google. With over hundreds of millions as active users Google + is a perfect social media platform for business.

     5. LinkedIn:-
Linked In was founded in 2002, was launched in 2003 and was recently bought by Microsfot. Linked In has over 200 Million active users, it is recorded that linkedIn gets active 2 new members every second from over 200 countries.

Traditionally, linkedIn is business friendly and viewed as the spot to put your resume, find jobs and a robust networking site for individuals and business owners.

Above are my top five lists of the best social media platforms for business, others to consider are Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat etc.

Remember, you don’t have to do all, try each and decide which one works best for the type of business you service.

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