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How to Create An SEO Website

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We have in our previous post on How to Start An SEO Company emphasized greatly on the need to create a website for it will be hard to convince people to subscribe to your SEO service when you don’t have an SEO Optimized website. A website is a necessity for a successful SEO services.
To Help you create a Good SEO website we will discuss the required features of every SEO website and steps to Implement them.

Features of SEO website:-

    1. Simple-
A good SEO website should be simple and appalling to the eye. Use the right themes with the right colour combination. Thought your site is about SEO and web mastering, make it as simple as possible for all types of customers (SEO novice and Prof alike).

   2. Easy to Navigate:-
In addition to making your site simple, you should make it very easy to navigate. Every SEO expert knows that this is one of the most desired feature from sites by search engines.

    3. Add the required page

-       Welcome page:-
This is the first page ( landing page) which visitors sees when they loging to your site, it should tell most if not all about your business, the services you offer, your expertise and some testimonies or reviews.

     Sign Up Page:-
It’s very important that you include a client’s signup page and of cause email signup page too. This will help you communicate your latest offer; you’re newly in cooperated services etc to your clients.

    4. Blog:-
This is another crucially required integration you must add to your SEO website. Integrate a blog through which you will blog so much about SEO, SEO tools, and of cause your SEO services.

    5. Price Tab:-
Your SEO services should be well price tagged and provided inyour site for clearance and compliance.

    6. Payment Processing:-
Haven decided how much you will charge for a particular SEO service , it’s another thing to make room for payments processing. This is simply deciding and integrating a convenient payment method that enables you clients to easily pay for your SEO services.
Most widely used is PayPal, you can also use Merchants via credit cards. Whichever method you choose its okay, you can also simply choose the old method of direct bank deposit.

    7. Analytics and Reports:-
Another great feature of SEO website is analytics and reports page. After getting clients to subscribe for any of your service its required that you provide a report for progress and result tracking.

Steps to Create an SEO
There are large varieties of option to use in creating a website but all still involves:-
     - Domain registration
     - webhosting
     - Software installation
     - Template/themes installation and
     - Optimization.

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Each and every Step outlined above have a different options like the use of blue host, Hostgator or Godaddy for domain name registration and hosting, all of which are good so I will skip recommendation here. Research and choose which best suits.

For technicalities of SEO website creation read – HOW TO CREATE A PROFFESSIONAL WEBSITE. 


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