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How to Make Money Buying and Selling Cattle

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Buying and selling of cattle can be considered a profitable business because people usually look/go for the fattest cattle and a seller only go for the most favorable prices for the cattle he is selling. In order to make good profits in this business, you should know all that it entails to buy and sell cattle and to also treat and keep the cattle in good condition. 

Anything short of this might lead to losing of investment or non-profit of your investment.
Now let's look at how you can start making a profit from buying and selling cattle.

        You need to analyze all the costs of starting this type of business. From buying or renting a space to keep the cattle, to costs needed to keep the cattle in good condition, cost of feeding, hiring one or two workers to assist in looking after the cattle, providing the necessary supplements like vitamin E, zinc, and other necessities to ensure that the cattle are always taken care of.
        Once you are done with the evaluation, you will be able to know the exact capital needed for the business and then go ahead to create a business plan.
       When creating a business plan, ensure that it defines the cattle industry, the geographical location/area you intend to buy and sell the cattle, marketing analysis, financial analysis, challenges, mission statement and the type of basis the business will be from - whether in a partnership or limited liability.  All these requirements are important factors that will form your business plan because financial lenders or investors needs to see how well-detailed your business plan is before making that commitment to fund your business.

         You have two choices here, either purchased a fertile land with enough grass to feed your cattle or to cut cost, contract a land owner and come to an agreement which allows your cattle to graze on the land. With this agreement, there will be no room for dispute about cattle trespassing on someone's property. Whatever your decision, the goal is to ensure that your cattle are properly fed and stay healthy because healthy cattle means higher profits for you.

         In this business of buying and selling cattle, you need to consider hiring at least two experienced local hands to assist in handling the cattle, feeding them and ensure that their supplements are given to them at the appropriate time. Also, these workers will make sure the cattle are good shelter and help when they give birth and care for their off springs.
         In the long run, it will be to your benefit because you might want to sell this off springs and make good profits from it.

         There are different ways you can market and sell your herds but first, you need to do a market survey and check the current price so as to know what price to buy and sell your cattle. Once you are able to get your pricing right, you can source for buyers in the local markets around your area, sell your cattle and make large profits.


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