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How to Make Money in Radio Advertising Business

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Radio advertising is a very lucrative business. The business industry rakes in billions annually according to marketing research reports and there are so many ways one can get into radio advertising and make money.
Radio stations make money by selling on air time to advertisers and firms - but radio stations are not the only businesses that make money from advertising.
Now, let's look at the various ways one can make money and be successful in radio advertising.

         Radio personalities are individuals who work in radio stations and they often read commercials (promotional message) when on their shows just like their TV counterparts. On air personality makes money by reading/delivering commercial on their show, although sometimes it is part of their contract and they are required to do so.

         This media agents work with a wide range of radio stations to sell advertising to TV and radio stations both local and national. They make money by taking a reasonable percentage from the advert carried out. Radio station owners also make their own money by reaching the broad base of prospective advertisers the media agent couldn't. In the long run, both parties(the agent and the radio station) make their own money.

          Voice talent agent are actors who read or sing promotional jingle in radio stations for businesses. How do they make money? Well, they make money from voice recording of products and in addition receive royalty payment whenever the recorded commercial is aired. A voice talent agent get jobs through multi-national production companies, talent agency and advertisers.

         Talent agency are in charge of representing voice talent agents. They are responsible for picking the best female or male voice for commercial production companies. The agency select suitable candidates and these candidates audition to advertise for production companies. They collect full payment for service rendered and in return pay the voice talent agent their own percentage.

         Direct advertisement is mostly done by radio stations. They sell their on-air time for advertising to their sales employees on a commissioned or salary basis. This on-air time is sold base on the number of minutes or hours of the advertisement. These radio stations make money from radio advertising through the number of shows air especially on their "drive time show" or "rush hour show" where there are more listeners.
        This are sales persons that work with varieties of radio stations to sell advertising for a percentage. Advertisers have a wide range of radio stations to air their ads on because there are less competition between the radio stations.

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