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How to Start a Home Decor and Furniture Line Business

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If you have a flair for beautifying things, especially in your surroundings then you might want to consider going into home furnishing and decor business. It doesn't matter if you do not have the means to make the products needed for the furniture and decor business yourself, you can still market your talent and from there you get to create a name for yourself.

However, you may not be a overnight success as the case may be, it might take some time to get your bearing but once you can get started and offer quality products and services at a reasonable price, you are sure to get your own fair share of the market.
Check out the following steps to get you started.

    Draft a business plan. First , write a business plan or get one written for you by a business consultant if you are not sure on how to write one. The business plan should be able to state clearly how you want to operate your business both now and in the future.

    Draw up a furniture and decor designs. When you have your designs handy (that's build a portfolio), it gives you more time to prepare ahead for customers . Mind you, you don't necessarily have to be the creator of the items or products before you can showcase to clients, so long as you have an understanding and the contact of the producers then it is fine.

furnitureSTEP 3
    Choose a name or logo for your business. Consider picking a name that is original and easy to remember, something customers can relate with. For example, say your name is Samuel,  "Sam & Sam Home Furnishings" sounds nice or  "Home Delight Decor and Furnishings" is also not bad. Your business name should be able to tell what you are into, so try to keep it simple and original.
STEP 4    Obtain a business license. If you plan on selling and rendering your service directly to consumers, then you may need to register for a business license in your city or country's state corporate office in order to operate legally with no restrictions.

    Lease a property or rent a storefront in a conducive environment where you can showcase and sell your items. Ensure that the place for the business have enough space to convert to office area and to accommodate your goods as well.

    Market and advertise your furniture and home decor business. Start by creating a website where you can display some of your best work and products and designs. Don't forget to include your contact details also. Advertise on other social media platforms and sites and include links to your business website there.
Print brochures and distribute to people. Attend trade fair shows, get a space for your business and showcase some of your home decor. Ensure to have photos of the rest of you designs and products and let customers know that they are readily available on demand. 

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