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How to Start An Embroidery Business at Home

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Embroidery are patterns that are sewn  on to fabric using threads of different colours. Embroidery also involves inputting graphic designs to clothes using a unique kind of sewing machine with multiple bobbins and needles for each colour thread.
Embroidery business is a business that rakes in billions of Naira yearly in the decorating industry and it can be started at the comfort of your home or in a rented space.
Read the following steps and see how you can start an embroidery business.

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     Get trained. Before going into this business, you need to first consider getting the necessary training from an expert in the embroidery business or you can go online and get published booklets or videos on embroidery training. Note that, it is important to get trained and master how to operate the embroidery machine because the machine can cause serious injury if used improperly. So ensure that you have master know how to operate the machine before using it.


    Write a business plan. This is needed in every business because it will be a valuable asset for you to get the financial assistance you will need for your embroidery operation. So ensure to write a good business plan or if you feel it's too much for you, get a business consultant to write a well-detailed plan for your business.

    Pick a business name. You need to consider getting a unique name for your embroidery business, something catchy and easy to relate with your line of business. Once you have settled, choose a business structure for your embroidery business, file the paperwork and go apply for a business license.

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    Register the business. You need to go register your business with your city/town/country cooperate affairs office and also get your license or permit and your tax number from the internal revenue office.

    Capital. Embroidery business is quite expensive to start, you need good capital to get it up and running. You will need to rent a storefront or a property if you are not starting from home, purchase embroidery equipment with computer software, seeing supplies, generator set in case of light shortage and other materials needed to make your embroidery company fully operational.
Rough estimation, you will probably need about #300,000 which is also about $1,000 to get started.
If you are able to get capital from your personal savings, better. but if you don't, you can obtain a soft business loan from financial institutions or from an angel investors. There are links online to assist you on that aspect.

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    Rent a property. A storefront or a warehouse is most suitable for your embroidery business. When renting ensure that the property is spacious enough to accommodate your equipment and other sewing materials and also for small office where you can meet clients.

    Purchase equipment and sewing supplies. Once you are able to secure a nice property for your embroidery business, the next line of action is to purchase your embroidery equipment and supplies and other essentials needed to set up your business.
Embroidery equipment are quite expensive, so basically you are going to need a single-head or multiple-head embroidery machines. The single-head machine allows a fabric to be design one at a time, while the multiple-head machine allows more than one fabric and it is usually used for larger production. You will also need embroidery hoops, platens, needles, colourful thread spools, tables, chargers, irons, chairs, measuring tape, scissors etc.

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    Advertise your embroidery business. First work on samples and create a portfolio which you will need to show to potential customers for them to be confident in the service you are rendering. There are so many prospective clients for your embroidery business, you have the sewers, fashion designers, schools, churches, government institutions like, the police, fire department, Federal road safety corps, customs, immigration, and even private companies.

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