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How to Start Your Own Profitable Skin Care Line

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If there is one thing people spend their hard cash on, is on skin care products. According to various research reports, consumers spending on beauty products sold by retailers and wholesalers keep riding to billions of Naira annually.
As an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to break into this multi-billion Naira beauty industry, you need to create a unique type of skin care products for your market segments in order to be able to compete with big corporation.
Here are six steps guide to creating your own skin care line.

    Determine what you want in your skin care line. Start by deciding the type of ingredients you want to use, work on few samples, give this samples to family members and friends and ask for their opinions to be sure your products turns out the way you want. Whatever you do, try to keep your production cost and marketing cost at minimal because you do not want to blow up all your funds at the startup stage.

    Write a business plan for your skin care line. Develop a detailed business plan that identify your competitions, startup cost, your production cost, marketing cost, staff, potential income, potential obstacles, your vision and mission statements as well as your entry and exist strategies.
    Obtain a business license. As you get ready to start your skin care line, apply for a business license and permit for a cosmetic production in your area. Go to the offices of the relevant authorities in charge of issuing license and permit and work on getting your papers.

    Rent a facility. Look for a affordable warehouse somewhere in town to use as a production house or create a work space outside your house if you want to minimize cost and start production.

    Purchase equipment and supplies. Contact cosmetic suppliers and vendors for the ingredients and packaging of your products. Select and purchase ingredients that are affordable and which can easily be gotten at any time in large quantities.
    Set up your production space in a well-organised settings, get your supplies and equipment ready and begin production. Once you are done, set wholesale and retail pricing for your products. Select attractive and well sealed bottles or plastic jars for packaging and get them ready for marketing.

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    Promote and market your skin care products. Start by getting the words out about your new skin care line. Contact     social media marketers and get them to help spread the word about your products to their followers and non followers. Contact bloggers and vbloggers, send samples of your products to them and get them to give good reviews to their customers/followers.
    Market your products to places where your target buyers are. Places like, retail stores in town and market, shopping malls, etc. Offer discounts to store managers to get them to sell your products to their customers.
    Attend trade fair shows, get a stand and market your products to passer by and customers.

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