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How to Start a Profitable T-Shirt Business

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Shirt-printing business is a business one can start relatively small and turn it into a successful venture in a short period of time. This shirt-printing business have become a multi-million Naira Industry that a lot of people now want to get into the business to get their own share of the cake.

There are many way one can print shirts, but knowing the right method for your business enable you to invest in the proper printing machine. There is the screen printing method which has a longer learning process and its cost-effective especially if you are printing in bulk. You also have the heat-transfer and digital ink-jet printing methods. These methods do not have a longer learning process, it is easy o learn but print slow and is suitable for single-shirt printing.

Depending on your resources, you can start this business on a small-scale right in the comfort of your home or on a large-scale and in a rented property.

    When you want to start this business, it will be wise for you to first carry out a market survey to determine which shirt-printing method best suit you. The market survey will also give you an opportunity to look into the area where your target customers are and develop ways to get to them.

    As you start your shirt-printing business, it is important for to register your business and obtain the license or permit that will able you to operate your business as a legal entity. While at it, ensure to have a business name pick out . Choose something unique and original.

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    If you are going for the screen printing method, it is best to acquire the knowledge that will enable you run your shirt-printing business effectively. So contact a local expert who is already in the shirt-printing industry and get trained for a token fee. On the other hand, you can go online and get manual or video training instructions on the various printing methods and opt for the one suitable for you.

    One major factor to consider for your business is the location. If you intend to operate outside your home, you need to ensure that the area where you want to open your business is close to your target customers. Areas like, schools, churches, local businesses, university, etc.

    Purchase the right printing method equipment you decided on and set it up for business. Other materials you you are going to need include, printer, computer, software, furniture, hangers, mobile phone, packs of shirts etc.

    Print out fliers and business cards and distribute to businesses around your area. Make samples of your work and showcase to churches, university students, school heads, and local business organizations.

    Create a website and display finish work of customers there. Market your service in other online platforms, promote your business by offering discount to attract customers and get them to make patronage.

Create a column for online order and collect half payment  upfront and the complete payment when you are done with the job. Make sure you print shirts on demand and deliver orders on time to boost your business reputation and help grow your business.

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