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How to Start An SEO Company

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We are living in a time were online reality is widely embraced by all. Offline business are constantly replaced by online business, the brick and mortar type of store is now rapidly replaced by online stores. Additionally all business are going online due to the comfortability it offers as most customers now prefer to shop online, do business transaction online, and do literally everything online, this have increased the number of online business. 
In the same vein this increase in number of business in the World Wide Web also creates a fierce competition for both newly startup business and the already established business and in such the need for social media marketing.

Of all social media marketing strategies, SEO ( search engine optimization) remains top as it provides long lasting positive results. Unlike other marketing strategies SEO attracts targeted search engine traffic consistently.  SEO is an Effective Tool for attracting prospective customers. 

For this Reason many businesses both small, medium and large business are consistently dedicating huge fraction of their yearly budget to SEO marketing strategy.
The demand for SEO services and experts in today competitive online existence is high and forecasts reveals increase even more in no distant time.

Have you always wanted to start an online business? Do you have good knowledge of SEO or are you an expert in SEO? If yes then you don’t have to be intimidated again as below through this article you will learn all you need to start an SEO company.
There are so many reasons why an SEO company is the right business for one to invest into, such reasons are:-
     -  Running an SEO company is easy and requires little capital
     - SEO Company is not management intensive as most of your operation can be automated.
     - SEO company can be started in a small scale and subsequently grown to a big business
     - SEO Company provides a strong source of residual income.

Steps to Start an SEO Company:-

There are thousands of SEO companies out there, most of which know so little about SEO, and others just go conventionally with the basics only. To Create an SEO company that stands out, you need to know all there is to know about SEO or simply hire someone who knows and is an expert. Increase you knowledge with current trends; familiarize yourself with such terms such as Link Building, Backlinking, SERP, Backlinks Profiling etc. It gives you an edge and increase the quality of your SEO Services and guarantees fast result for your clients.

The next Step towards Starting your own SEO Company is to create a website. A website is so crucial for this business; besides how will you convince people that you know a lot about SEO or simply internet when you don’t have a website.There are vast options towards creating a local SEO websites- Read our article on
How to Create a Professional Website for more details on creating a website.

This will of cause be an easy task is step one was a success. Since the Job of a SEO Company is site optimization and driving traffic- optimize your SEO website and drive targeted organic traffic to it.
Haven successfully created your SEO website and optimized it, its time you advertise and start getting traffic. Advert here means through SEO marketing i.e. working on Site ranking and employing other SEO tools to increase visibility.

Please note: Don’t jump into paid adverts as a means to advertise and get clients, first optimize and increase site ranking through SEO before employing any other social marketing techniques. Companies like mine and likewise most Business with Good knowledge of SEO will not subscribe and pay for you service when your site ranking, how the ranking came about, how you increased it and the duration. If you had jumped into paid adverts few or no companies will work with you. You offer SEO- optimize your site using SEO- that proves you’re an SEO Expert.


  1. Example, if you create a banner, website and etc. and this is not visible properly when user search topic in website user not able to give exact result seo services

  2. Because think about it. How can you optimize your website if you do not know what keywords you should be targeting?
    what are link pyramids

  3. Of no doubt link building and keyword targeting plays a vital role in seo optimization. Thank you SOOMRO for the comment.

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