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Top 36 Insurance Companies in Nigeria.

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There are so many reasons why businesses needs insurance policy, our previous article on Four Types of Insurance Cover That Every Business Should Have pointed out some of these reasons and the type of insurance every business must be insured for. However, there are over a thousand and one insurance companies in Nigeria and more are constantly springing up on a constant basis making it harder for business owners to choose and get insured by them. In a view to ease this difficulty, we have compiled a list of top 36 insurance companies in Nigeria that you or your company can secure insurance policy from. 

Haven mentioned that difficulty in choosing from the great number of insurance companies, it's not necessary to say that it's invariably hard to rate them as well. However, we compiled this list considering different factors such as :-
- reliability
-response rate and time 
-how know are they
-record track 
-testimonials / customers rating 

Before considering to purchase insurance from any of the insurance companies around, consider the above features of the company - the company must be well known to the general public, have a reputable track record and above all must have a good positive testimonies before you purchase insurance from them.

Below is a list of top 36 insurance companies in Nigeria, this companies have over time been considered among the country's best. However, purchasing insurance from any is left for you discretion and it's advised you carry out further investigation before signing an insurance contract. 

1. Aiico
2. Amen insurance company 
3. Custodian insurance plc
4. Adic insurance 
5. Consolidated hallmark insurance 
6. African Alliance insurance company Ltd 
7. Lead way insurance 
8. A&G insurance 
9. IGI insurance [Industrial and general insurance plc] 
10. continental Reinsurance 
11. Gold link insurance 
12. Corner stone insurance plc
13. Niger insurance plc
14. Crusader insurance plc
15. NEM insurance plc 
16. Equity life insurance Co. Ltd 
17. Mutual assurance plc
18. Guaranty trust assurance 
19. Staco insurance plc [Standard trust plc] 
20. International energy insurance plc 
22. LASACO assurance plc
23. Law Union and rock insurance 
24. Oasis 
25. Linkage assurance plc
26. Mutual benefits

28. Royal exchange 
29. Nigeria deposit insurance 
30. Oceanic insurance limited 
31. Prestige insurance brokers Ltd 
32. Sovereign trust insurance 
33. TransGlobal insurance broke 
34. Unic insurance 
35. Unity insurance company Ltd 
36. Zenith assurance company.

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