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Trademark Registration In Nigeria- Step By Step Guide

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According to wikipedia- A trademark is a recognizable sign, design or expression which identifies product or services of a particular source from those others. its a symbol, word or words legally registered or established and used to represent a company or product.
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Since the trademark act of 1990 was enacted, many company have utilized it to differentiate themselves from the crowd. you can now, through the commercial law department in the ministry of trade and investment: register a logo, slogan, domain name, colour, name etc as a trademark for your business.

Registration of trademark in Nigeria involves series of legal steps and over a period of time before actually registration and certificate is issued. to help you register a trademark easily in Nigeria, below is the requirement  and procedures for easy trademark registration in Nigeria.
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- Requirements-
- Details of applicant.
-Trade mark details
- Details Of the Goods/Product The proposed trademark will cover
-A good and distinctive illustration of proposed trademark representation.
- Signed authorization agent

Steps to trade mark registration-
- Forward a written application to the registration body requesting for the registration of your desired trademark. usually this step should be effected through your local attorney.
- After requesting for registration, the registration will be acknowledge with official date of application.
- Wait for some days for search- search through database of the registrar body. this is essential and usually carried out to ensure your proposed trademark has not be registered prior your application.
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- After the trademark might have passed the above steps, the applicant receives a letter of acceptance and actual registration commence.

Registration process Takes a maximum of 24 months and a total cost of 50,000 Naira.
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