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7 Interview Tips for Job-Seekers

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Have you just graduated and you are looking for a job or you have been called for an interview? Do you know how great it is? For someone to go for an interview and was told just few days after the interview to come and resume work.
Sometimes people call it luck, some say it is grace but to be frank with you, luck and grace may have nothing to do with it. It is just that some people who go for interview and get called to resume duty did their preparation and followed some rules to getting their dream job of theirs.
I have been receiving emails from readers who are finding it difficult to get a job so they can raise fund to start their dream business, so I thought of giving a helping hand by providing them with some interview tips that can qualify them to get that job.
Before going for any interview, there are some interview tips you need to know to be the successful candidate among others that will later be called for the job offer.

This post will focus on 7 most important interview tips you need to know.

1. Make a Research about the Company
Before going for any interview, make a research about the company. Find out what does the company produces, their staff, their consumers, have they been in the news recently? What are their policies? Etc.
This will give you a little knowledge about the company which might give an edge over other job seekers. Of course, you can get some of these information in the company website or by asking questions.
You should make research and if possible look for an insider and enquire if the interview will be oral or written. So many people have failed in multiple interviews because they prepared for written interview when it was scheduled to be oral, while others prepared for oral interview when it was scheduled to be written.
So, it will do you more good than harm if you can research about the company before that day of the interview so that you won’t be caught off guard.

2. Anticipate likely Questions
The next step is to anticipate or review common interview likely questions and prepare responses. This you can do by firstly inquire as to the type of interview to expect.
Most questions will relate either to your ability to do the job or to the type of employee you will be. You can get some of the internet or books which deal on interview questions.
I remember my first job interview, the question my employer asked me was, how much will you like to be paid for the job? Thank God I was very prepared for that question because I saw that same question in an interview book I read a day to the interview and I had already prepare an answer for it.
The same thing can also happen to you, so you need to be prepared for questions like that and other tough ones just to test your inner spirit.

3. Practice
This is one very good interview tips for job-seekers, after getting these likely questions and their answers, the next thing to do is to practice the answers. If not that I had practice my answer to my interviewer question, I would have either started an amount below what they would have paid me and would make me look like someone who don’t know his worth or far above my intended salary and that would make me look like someone who is just applying for the money.
Sit down with a friend, most especially a critic and go through all of the questions. If you have not yet completed a mock interview, do it now.

4. Arrive Early
Always plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before any interview. This will make you well-prepared psychologically and well-settled.
Coming early is also an opportunity to observe the workplace. There is no excuse for coming late for any interview.

5. Dressing for the Interview
Your appearance speaks volume about you and you will not have a second opportunity to make a first impression. Remember, man looks at the outward appearance.
Therefore, make sure your clothes are neat and well-ironed. Your hairstyle should be cleaned and well-groomed, fingernails clean and trimmed and try not to smoke or chew gum before the interview.

6. Be Prepared and stay Professional
Another thing you need to know is that during the course of the interview, the hiring manager could deploy any number of interview styles and whatever happens, remain professional.
For example, be ready for trivia questions like ‘which football team do you support?’ or ‘why do you like the look of the job?’
Aggressive interviewers are probably just acting and looking for your response, staying calm and organize will impress them the most. Never start criticizing or giving away secrets of your personal life.

7. Have and ask Insightful Questions
Normally, the interviewer last question is, “Do you have any questions for me”?
Candidates who do not have questions show to the employer that they lack initiative or they are not interested in the job.
Don’t be among those lazy job-seekers. You must have questions ready in advance relating to the job applied for.
These are most of the important interview tips that you must read and digest so you get that job on your next interview.
I will like to hear your thought and questions through the comment box below;

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