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How to Start Cucumber Farming Business

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Agricultural business remains a steady source of income generation for many nations, being the only sector that feeds the citizen it will forever remain profiting for as many investors willing to invest. As an entrepreneur, looking for a business to start, agricultural business is recommended for many reasons and of such agricultural business to start is cucumber farming business.
Cucumber is among the most widely consumed vegetable all over the globe due to its health benefit. Cucumber is mostly referred to as a supper food due to its remedial and health benefits such as:-

        - A good source of Vitamins A, B1, B6
        - Enhance hair growth
        - Cucumber helps fight cancer
        - Relieve pains
        Keep the body hydrated
        - Used as remedy for bad breath and hangover
        - Supports healthy heart
        - Protects brain
        - Prevent constipation
        - Protect bones
        - Helps watch weight

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The health benefits of cucumber are numerous to mention and have evidently increased the demand for cucumber globally. Starting a cucumber farm is no doubt a profitable business and surprisingly its cheap and easy to start.

Why Should You Start Cucumber Farm?
Aside the above mentioned health benefit of cucumber, you might be wondering why cucumber is the best fruit vegetable to farm besides  most other vegetable fruits have health benefits. True but cucumber business should be the best choice because in addition to its health benefit its

       - Cucumber  is popular and delicious
       - Disease resistant
       - Produce over a long season
       - Thrive well in both hot and cold weather
       - Have a huge market both locally and internationally.

Steps To Start a Cucumber Farming Business
       1. Conduct a feasibility research:-
Most Farmers give little or no importance to conducting a feasibility research before stating a farming business which is so wrong. Conducting a feasibility study for your proposed agric farm can be the wisest thing to do.

There are lots of things to consider critically before starting up a business and things mostly come into play while conducting market research. In the case of cucumber farming, you have to know the various varieties/species of cucumber so as to ascertain the one that will thrive best in your location, the one that sells best and the one that have the highest yield rate. The edaphic requirement for cucumber should also be considered as well as market demand around you. Conducting feasibility report saves time, money and energy too and helps ensure you do things right.
       2. Get a business plan:-
A viable business plan will give your proposed cucumber farm the structure needed to ensure that it generates the profits that you worked for. The need of a viable business plan is crucial, it helps you start and run your farm in a well organized and structured manner. For funding purposes, a business plan is needed and also to attract investors.

    3. Get a suitable location for Farming:-
Choosing the right location is a big step to success in cucumber farming; to rightfully choose a location consider availability of water for irrigation in dry season, Proximity to major road and Market- for easy transportation and sell of you product. Ultimately, consider the soil type an composition. Cucumber thrives best in rich Humid soil, though can also do well in most Soil if provided with the right nutrient, water and sunshine.
Like other agricultural land preparation steps, clear the land, make ridges and add fertilizer. After, plant your cucumber one seed per 2.5cm deep hole and 50cm distance apart.
    5. Harvest and market:-
After planting, follow the normal routine of checking the farm every once in a while, weed and control pest if any. Cucumber fruits are harvested 45-65 days after planting usually before complete maturity.
Cucumber farming have an already made market thus marketing your produce should not be a hard task though initially you will be required to create awareness of your involvement, then subsequently you will have buyers line up to buy from you;- cucumber markets itself.
Conclusively, Cucumber farming business from all indication is a lucrative business for any investor. With little or no agricultural knowledge, anyone can start and make huge profits from this business.


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