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5 Best Ways to Monetize Your Blog

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If you have a blog, but have not yet started making money with it, you are missing out on a big opportunity to become rich. Many people have monetized their blogs and are making cool cash, while in the meantime doing what they adore; sharing ideas to other individuals.

If you have been blogging for a year now, it is time to monetize your blog and start making money from it immediately. All things considered, it is not very late to transform your blog into a cash making machine.
In this post, I will be sharing with you 5 basic ways to monetize your blog and start reaping from your effort and making money from what you enjoy doing.

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1. Promote Affiliate Products
There are various ways in which you can monetize your blog using affiliate marketing. One way that works for most bloggers is composing articles and placing affiliate links within the content. Place the links in particular sentences inside the article.
The idea here is that the general public reading your content will click on your affiliate links and possibly purchase the products you're promoting, and at last you'll be paid a commission.

Nonetheless, you ought to abstain from putting random affiliate links. Endeavor to look for related products and one that you have effectively used, which you can recommend to the readers.
Numerous individuals are prone to visit the site, however just a number will purchase. Your aim ought to be to get however as many individuals as you can get under the circumstances to click on the affiliate links with the goal that you'll have higher odds of earning a commission from their purchase.

2. Sell your own Products

All things considered, this may appear to be impossible since any product you have at the top of the mind has already been created by another blogger, and it could be difficult to beat your competitor.
In any case, not all products are the same; every product is special in its own way. This is the reason individuals continue purchasing a given product even when they've already purchased that kind of product from another person.

You just should simply avoid from replicating other people’s product. While doing a research around a product you want to create, make sure it doesn't have anything found in someone else's product (it ought to be extraordinary).
This is the thing that will make the product stand out from among other products. While it might require a lot of investment to create or think of an incredible product, it will pay off at last. Innovativeness and tolerance is the key here.

3. Provide Services
If you have a particular skill or information and experience dealing with something, you can begin offering to teach other people and getting paid for it. Also, it can be anything from how to start a blog, blog tips for beginners, graphic or web designing etc.

Pick the best and least demanding ways potential clients can contact you. Let them know that you can show them to do a few things the way you do them. If you have numerous glad customers, they may get the message out about you so it can be a viable approach to develop your name and additionally drive more traffic to your blog.

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4. Hire Me Page
This is a page where you will permit potential clients to hire you for a particular task, and they will pay you for work done. For the most part, the sort of occupation you could do will depend on upon your blog niche.
One of the things your hire me page ought to have is your price, experiences and the job you'd do. Also when writing your hire me page, make sure that there is no grammatical error, and above all, that the content is convincing enough to win clients.

This hire me pages may not work for everybody. You should be very much experienced in the niche you're in and also should be certain to carry out the job you're given. If you can deliver outstanding job for your client, he or she will gladly come back and also be willing to refer others to you too.

5. Direct Ads
You can monetize your blog by displaying direct ads on your blog. These are ads that link to a product or service. Direct ads vary from different types of advertisements as you will be directly dealing with the sponsor.
Many blogs and sites have "Advertise here" boxes.
 These are the boxes where people pay for advertisement space. In the event that a business needs to publicize their products on your site, they will get in touch with you and place the advertisements with you. Generally, sponsor ads are paid either monthly or weekly.
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