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5 Ways Female Entrepreneurs Can Grow Their Business In Nigeria

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Starting a business is never like growing the business. We've recorded companies that shut down within six months of establishment due to incompetent and unplanned plague which strikes their business.     

     Entrepreneurship had being rumbling in the whole universe and Nigeria in particular. Every blessed man on earth wants freedom, financially stable and renown in their coordinating field of business which females are not lagging behind.                               
When I first heard about starting a sole business, I have thought it wouldn't be easy but I'm amazed how I was able to make  the best brand ever so says a female restaurant managing  director.       
You really don't need to panic starting out yours because, female gender like you are making it in the field of technology, professional services, consultant, and estate management. Female entrepreneurs are significantly leading in the USA, Africa and most importantly Nigeria which is always a case of joy and improvement.   Folorunsho Alakija, Oprah Winfrey, Okonjo Iwela and host of others are very good example.   While others are waiting for their husband before building their body why don't you seize that opportunity to build your own business.      

Are you really interested in looking for ways to grow your business in Nigeria as a female entrepreneur? Are you really motivated to start your future-flourishing business today? If yes! Then I congratulate you because you are at the best junction. All you are expected to do is to put on the Air conditioner and savour this content to the likeness of your want as I will reveal five ways female entrepreneur like you can grow their business in Nigeria.                                            
As a female entrepreneur while searching for armour to fight the battle beyond, the first way you can go through is to;                   


Yes! You are expecting me to say borrowing loan or having a grand savings. No, that isn't the case if you really want to have the best brand ever as a female folk, you cannot grow a business without starting one, then the first thing I will advice you to do is to start business.  

How do I start one? Do you ask me that? Fine...You must be competent and nosing enough to find a good and ideal business that soothe your taste and gender. Go extra mile by researching such business before taking the next reliable step.   Online business, Catering service, Restaurant and eatries, Magazine publishing house, Photography, chemist and thousands more are suggestions of business you can look forward to as a female entrepreneur. If you have sort that then you can move the extensive planning, which is the basis of any organisation or business firm.                   

 Make sure you go what interest you most even if it isn't lucrative enough, this is important because, you will never get bored on the way to your Canaan business. After taking this great step then what you must never omit is; 

You must have come across this in your life time. If no, what of the Nigerian association of hair dresser, Nigeria Association of fashion designers to mention but few. They are like the buttons on your shirt which without the terrible breeze could harm your chest.      
 If you really want to grow your business as a businesswoman in  Nigeria, then you must continue to meet new people, seek more knowledge, network with cool advisers and mentors. That's why an aphorism stated that networking determines your net worth. Do you know why? It is the rate at which you are connected with like minded fellow and co-entrepreneurs i.e when you are going to make more knowledge resulting in more income, so don't truncate that!  Take a bold step in this.                             

Stop racking your mental faculty to know the meaning of this! Your whatsapp groups, Facebook groups and pages, twitter pages and instagram post pages are not meant for jokes and comedy. Instead of posting your new pose of photos, why not market your business, share your content marketing, answering questions about your new cosmetics store which seems hidden to people.

A woman who is going to hit record of greatness must have hit the investment of techniques. Review your own business products rather than sending insults messages. They are what you need to grow your business, start now!    


Most times many female entrepreneur forget that they need to pour out water on their way so as to step the coldest floor. If truly you want to be world know in your field of business and earn huge massive every end, then I will advice you to seek for more source of income to financing that business.                

If you really what to grow your business in this giant country of Africa, Nigeria, as a female entrepreneur, you are expected to look out for co-operative society, micro-finance banks, loaning company and financial aids that can serve your plate whenever you are in of need of money because investment is compulsory, return income is definite.                                
Be enlighten that, you are to research for reliable ones, because some are outside their to disgrace you if you fail to comply with their terms and conditions, so go for it and be Wise!        


Learning is the ability to assimilate and implement an acquired knowledge. As a female entrepreneur; you need to know that learning ends only when you are dead, you must be versatile in learning new tactics and ways to do new things every days because a lone tree can't make a forest but many but will do. So many links of knowledge serves you the best as they will always save you while drowning.                                         

Let your percentage of going to seminars, workshops, venture classes, researching etc. be more than the percent of parting, clubing and all others social events. Not that you should'nt enjoy yourself but learning should be your top most priority.         
Inclusively, you need to note that all these afore-mentioned points are going to grow your company extensively, if you can truly include the virtues of hardwork, diligence, determination, discipline and the hundreds of others. So as to get to the peak of a celebrated female entrepreneur amidst your female counterparts in Nigeria. See you doing them. 

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