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Tips to Good Working Relationship for Entrepreneurs

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Gone are the days when bosses feel like demi-gods to their employees. In those period entrepreneur do not care about having a good working relationship with their employees and customers but with civilization this has changed. An entrepreneur must possess a psychological traits in order to know about people he is working. A good working relationship between an entrepreneur and his customer increase sales while a good working relationship between an entrepreneur and his employees increases productivities.


If you want to have a last longing working relationship with customers, the first thing you need is to know your customers' needs. Each customer has a need that is needed to met, it is  an entrepreneur duty to know what his or her customers desire. After knowing your customers' needs, you need to meet their needs. These two things; knowing their needs and meeting their needs can be done through creation of a friendly relationship with customers. A friendly working relationship with customers can lead to brand loyalty(a situation where customers stay loyal to products and services. Make enquiries about your products and services from your customer to know things that are needed to be changed about your services or products.


It is very important to have a better working relationship people who work with you whether they are part time workers or full time workers. As an entrepreneur,  you must posses a little quality of a psychologist as I have said earlier, this will enable you to.know if there is a change in an employee's behaviour.

Firstly, you need to let your employees feel comfortable while working with you, do not be too mean or harsh to them, if there is a mistake in a friendly way correct them. Another point is this, when an employee's productivity has reduced, call him or her to notice and try to make enquiry from  him or her to know why his productivity has reduced because you could be help to him or her through your exhortation words for his problems. 

The most important of it, a good and long lasting relationship can be built with employees when payment of wages and salaries are done at the right time. Do not own your employees, always  give them bonuses for over time works done and always increase their pay when necessary. One thing that should not be left out is always have meetings with your employees, through this platform they will tell what they observed about the business and customers, this will give everybody chance to rob minds together on how likely problems that might want to face your business. 

It is very important important that you have a good working relationship with customers if you want to increase your sales turnover and it is also essential to create a good and long lasting relationship with employees if your want your productivities to increase. A tree can not make a forest, you can not do it all alone.

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