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How to Negotiate Salary Increase

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You must have been day dreaming, thinking and planning for the straight ways to negotiate your salary at work but couldn't find one. Are you looking forward to having pay rise on your salary soonest? What measure have you taken considering the low payment you are being paid at work?..... It is quite disheartening that the basic salary paying to workers here in Nigeria is too weak and not enough to make a living- talkless of keeping or saving to invest in a business whence retirement comes by. 

Informatively, if you are battle ready to negotiate your salary with courtesy and manner at work, sit on a couch, cross your leg while sipping a glass of coffee for I would unravel the senses involved on how to negotiate salary here in Nigeria. Mind you, negotiating your salary with your employee in Nigeria is a difficult task- you can lose your job through the agitating if care is not taken. When there are ten of thousands of people seeking for job out there and countless sets  of individuals who are ripe, solid and set to graduate from colleges and universities to join the teeming unemployed. As a result, people grow in panic when it comes to negotiating there pay / salary- as fear of being suspend, probably expel from office struck there pretty minds.

The following steps, though not limited are the key ways to follow on how to negotiate your salary in Nigeria.

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Step #1:- contented. As a beginner in a firm or organization, you are expected to be satisfied and contented with the paycheck or amount you will be offered by the employer in the first place even if you aren't satisfied- at least half loaf they said, it's better than none. Without being in the stage of financial freedom, at least the token will afford you to taking care of some if not all of your need for the time being. Prove your ability on duty, worth and passion towards your assignments to your boss and never lament or complain on the salary to him. Brand and market yourself perfectly to your employer, lo and behold how he will feel and react when time goes by if he wouldn't increase your salary himself.

STEP #2:- Be committed and hardworking. Business owners or managers do value hardworking employers since they are seen to be resourceful. They wouldn't like to seeing  you leaving their firm, as a result of this, it will be quite difficult for your boss to stand or go against your wish, plus, it will enable you to negotiate your salary with him with confidence. But no lazy one could dare try such (negotiating salary) with the boss without snowballing into crisis. Why? Because he wouldn't mind you leaving the firm or company since you are not resourceful. It would even serves as an avenue to look for your perfect replacement.

Hardwork really pays in any form of work or business you are into. The lazy types are prone to be sacked and replaced. But, if you are committed, agile and hardworking on duty, you will be celebrated, hence, leaving you a lasting impression in the inner part of your boss. Your, commitment and hardworking will always speak for you; in your presence and absence before your employer and this will serves as a catalyst during the course of the salary negotiation.

STEP #3:- Plan And Get Prepared. When it comes to dangerous game like this, planning and preparation are of high importance. It is very crucial as a negotiator to take your time to plan your movement towards confronting your boss and prepare so well for the exist door before you kick the motion, in case if things did not work out as planned. Check and access yourself on duty or at work if  you actually worth the negotiation, if yes you are really entitled to an increase in salary  payment, then you are expected to give your employer or boss a notice before confronting him for the salary negotiation. Let him be informed that you would love to have a brief discussion- with respect- with him so as not to meet him extemporaneously.

Step #4:- Observe. Be conscious of the time you will walk up to the manager for the salary negotiation. You have to be up to the minute, time and day regarding the income and sales record of your organization. The best, right and ideal time to agitates for salary increment is targeted to be when the organization is having a luminous and buoyant financial records.

Be observant and ensure that the number of your audience willing and able to buy or demanding for your products at that point in time are voluminous, also, the production or work rate is very high, then, you clamoring for salary negotiation wouldn't be seen as a bad or covetous employee. But if you are not observant and open the negotition at the wrong time you are  likely be fired by the angry and desperate manager.

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Step #5:- Determine and meet your boss. The last but not the least step on how to negotiate for increase in salary in Nigeria is to be determined and approach the boss with a win/win mind. Be assertive and confident, listen patiently when your boss is talking, don't be to forward, aggressive and bluff while the conversation is on. And never give ultimatum if really you want to negotiate your salary in Nigeria.

In the long run, to avoid embarrassment in your place of work, the aforementioned steps should be treated with caution if you want to negotiate your salary increment in Nigeria. If you continue to be dense, managers in Nigeria will never notice you but if you treat the five golden steps as such, you will have a course to come back later and thank me.

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