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How to Start Sports Blog in Nigeria

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       If you'd been searching on thousand sites to unlock the  button of starting sport blog in Nigeria and you're yet to be comfortable with the content you've viewed. Stop racking your brain because this is the right place for you as I'm going to uncover the secret and tactics that are involved while starting sport blog in Nigeria. All you need to do is to get your PC or mobile set ready as you will embark on a joirney with eyes and mind.                
Sport blogs had rock the world in the recent century of online content creation with over a thousand blogs and website representing their images and emotions while making out their ways in sport blogging. 

Do you have passion for sport and its updates? Do you have the information to share and thought it could be better confined through blogging?  If yes then you need to make yourself comfortable while I will share it in details.............. 


      While starting out your motivation as an entrepreneur and you want to start sport blogging in Nigeria then the first thing you need to do is to;       


Sport lovers all over the world are tirelessly looking for new content and new update everyday and every hour about their sport celebrities, and it's someone like you that can provide that. The first thing that is paramount you do is to choose a blog platform, your domain name and host. 

     Basically I've seen bloggers whom they can't create a blog for themselves but they have the ability to run it. They'll meet a web designer to open the lid for them but if you wish to try that yourself, here are the clue;

      Make sure you choose a domain name that soothe your mind and taste( an easy to pronounce and reminding ones) for readers and visitors. Look for a reliable host like Bluehost, Dreamhost and the likes that can soothe your wallet and satisfy your want. Basically Blueprints offers free openings of domain name and allow you to choose a different host but if you make them host, they will collect $2.95 as the token fee monthly which is lesser compare to many host.    

Design your blog

Designing your blog is like painting your mansion which gives it the re-touching and eye captivating evidence.Making use of themes that is greatly appealing to the eyes must be your first target as it is what calls in people in to your blog.                      

 The appearance of your blog must be higher then Everest and beautiful than rose flowers. Be consistent to the core- don't withdraw until it pleases you. Because anything that appeals your eyes might captivate readers too.                    
Frameworks and child theme are the best kind of simple themes you could use as they will manipulate the ugliness of your blog, so go for gold.
Modify your sport blog

Making use of technical and acceptable modification can set your blog part and unique. By doing every possible means to set your blog; make sure the logo is at the correct side that soothe your eyes, the domain name and all other key functions and button on your blog. To perfect these, I'll recommend you to use feedburner and Google analytics to survey and modify your hot blog which is on the fire and ready for consumption. Taking this step, the next shoe you'll  wear is;                                                                                       

Select the best plugins which annex your blog

As sport fans loves to tell others about their new source and reliable fact, you must not lag in the aspect of creating the durable and exclusive referer like social networks and online media so as to opportune people- readers to visit more and more as they are happy for the recent one shared. Social networks like Twitter, Google+, Facebook and the likes are the best you can choose so as to promote and endorse your online business which you are about to set.  Then after this; you must come to the real work that you've signed, which is; 

Create valueable contents always

Many blogs have capsize and shut down  because the owners or bloggers failed to provide the needed and corresponding content which negates the domain name, niche and purpose. So if you're going to succeed in you new sport blog in Nigeria you need to provide the necessary sport news. Sport updates in different games and corresponding photographs as it speaks 60 percent of the content. 

   Be current and trending

As a sport bloggers, no one needs stale information rather, a recent, hot and captivating ones. So, be current, have a nose for sport information and update as that is the first thing that will make your sport blog a successful one.

Avoid plagiarism
                                                                     Absolutely! This is the right time for me to tell you, you must not copy and paste other people's or blog's content. Be realistic, be artistic and most especially, share new and unique content frequently because it is what you need to survive your sport blog in Nigeria. Google search engine optimization wouldn't recognize your sport blog if the contents contain therein ain't original.


I had spoke with many entrepreneurs both online and offline and that broadened my knowledge in the field of researching unique contents. Do that too, on social media and platforms to offline one on one conversation. New sport referees and sport lovers must also be your friends, they will have more to tell you and also, be original in doing all these, be patient, don't be too desperate as they will yield the best result thereafter.

If treated with pure-mind and extreme dedication.     By now you must be satisfied with the steps involved in starting a sport blog in Nigeria. See you at the zenith of world known and as a successful sport bloggers. 

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