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Seven Must Have Leadership Skills for Managers

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Are you a manager in a leadership position working for any top organization in Nigeria? To be an extraordinary manager in business requires highly leadership skills. Communication skills are a critical factor in administration particularly for a manager. 

Would you like to improve on your management skills? Whether you are a business owner, an executive or mid-level manager, you can develop your skills which will increase the productivity of your team.

Leadership is a critical attribute for all managers, yet several managers are not leaders. In this post, I will be sharing 7 leadership tips that you as a manager in Nigeria should practice if you want to be a good leader and lead effectively in your organization. 

These tips will help you turn into a more successful leader which will thus make you a more compelling manager. 

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A manager has individuals help, and give things to others to do. Do not delegate out of laziness or use your position to oppress your subordinate. However, if you don't have the trust and you have not established yourself as a true leader by leading by example, then people are not going to do the work you are delegating. 

You may think from your ego, and feel that since you have the title you can delegate. Be that as it may, in the event that you don't have the trust and you have not built up yourself as a real leader by showing others how it’s done, then individuals are not going to take every necessary step you are assigning. They are not going to hear you out, in light of the fact that you have not done the essentials to set up yourself as a leader. 


Leaders are humble. They learn and they do. They stay away from pride. Real leaders get in with the team. Leaders need to get in and get dirty now and again. You need to get in the trenches and understand what people are experiencing. If not, you will lose influence. 
Take a look at today's politicians, how many of them know what is going on in the average person’s life? They are not in the trenches and can't understand it. Real leaders appreciate getting in with their people, and appreciate realizing what they are encountering, and how to help them. 

Strategy Thinking

Managers in Nigeria need to work with a key perspective. Managers need to spend some of their time talking with workers and companions about ways to improve the business and keep creating in the right course. 
Delegation of responsibility is critical here, and sketching out an abnormal state connection will guarantee that the administration group can assume responsibility of the way toward enhancing the association. Ask strategy questions, and create answers by involving the team around you

Personal Development
Real leaders go for personal development. They are always looking for ways to improve and to recognize their own weakness. Leaders are not hesitant to admit their own wrong. They are straightforward, and not reluctant to admit they committed an error, a mistake in judgment, or something did not go the way they arranged. They will be the first to admit this, correct course, and go another direction.

Leading by Example

A leader picks a course, is idealistic, self-assured, has uprightness, build trust, and has a vision to push ahead. Leaders make their vision become animated. That is what is going to pull in people to you and help you turn into an effective leader. 
You don't need to be born with charisma to be a leader. Being a leader is more about discipline and knowledge. The reality that you live and the straightforwardness that you have, will make you a leader. Be that as it may, realize that the more you apply all these leadership traits, the more magnetic you will get to be. 
When you are leading, remember, "The velocity of the leader decides the rate of the pack." The faster you move, the more that you do, the harder you work, and the better time you are having, whatever is left of the pack is going to have a great time and push ahead with you!

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Leadership includes a great deal of man-administration and correspondence, and an important element of this is listening to the people in your organization. No one welcomes a totalitarian manager who pushes their weight around, and this would imply that efficiency is more than likely to decrease. 
Listening to everyone, and considering their opinions and observation into account in your leadership role helps your associates feel esteemed, and makes them more receptive to your thoughts when you need to express them. 


Inspiration is key to success. If you can instill inspiration to your management team and the rest of your organization, everyone will work that bit harder to guarantee that they are a win. 
Incentives aren’t generally simply financial, and motivation can be drawn from offering another viewpoint, offering positive acknowledgment for accomplishments inside the organization.

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