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How to Setup a Private Security Guard Company

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The need for security guard companies has skyrocketed as certain crimes have also increased over the years. We hear of kidnapping, robbery and terrorist activities almost on a daily basis; to this, private individuals and companies in most major cities have increased their need for security guards.

In our previous post Top 10 Recession Proof Business Ideas to Start we listed security company and here we will show you how to start.

Security companies and their guards do not have the same legal authority as police officers, they are only responsible for the personal safety of their clients and their properties. To start a security guard company, you need to carefully read the following basic steps on how to get started.

1. Get The Proper Training
First of all, you need to take some security training courses to enhance your skills and equip yourself with the strategies on how to protect your clients, handle a firearm, self-defense, baton and other tools carried by security guards. When you acquire these skills, it will help you in starting a befitting company.

2. Get Your Licenses
You need to register and get the right license for your business. Ensure to register your security company with your state corporate affairs commission in your country. You will also need to get license and permits from other government authorities who is in charge of regulating and controlling the activities of private security guards companies.

3. Hire and Train Employees
Prepare to conduct intensive background checks on each employee hired. Get the required documents on each employee to submit for background checks, for it is very important to hire individuals with no criminal record because hiring someone with a criminal record is bad for this kind of business. It is important that your clients always feel secure in their homes or offices, be sure to properly train your employees so that they can be efficient in communication skills, security strategies and how to manage crisis situations.

4. Obtain Gun Permits
Endeavor to apply for gun permits in your state/country if your security guards are going to be armed. So ensure you meet the requirements and obtain the permits for your security guards to carry guns.

5. Get a Liability Insurance Coverage
Get an Insurance policy that covers your security company in case of any damages or loss of client's property due to the negligent of your security guards. Ensure to get the insurance that protects your interest as well as that of your clients.

6. Choose a Location For Your Security Company
Endeavor to select a befitting location for your security guard company, a nice place where individuals can come apply for positions and to serve as an office for administrative matters.

7. Get Contacts and Contracts
You need to search both online and offline for private companies and individuals in need of security guard personnel.

So many companies and even banks are in need of the service of security guard companies, and to bid for their contract, you have to go through their top managers. This is a very competitive procedure because other security companies like yours are aiming for the same job.

To get clients calling, start by printing business cards, flyers, and advertising in the local television and on social media platforms. Attend shows and security workshops and engage in some networking. Distribute your business cards and get other people's contact as well.

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