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How to Start a Sport Betting Business in Nigeria

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  It is no more a news that most Nigerian youth have diversify into online sport betting all in the name of recession. Thanks to Nairabet, Bet9ja, soccer360 and host of others for their initiative. Well, Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad says the best time to venture into business is during a recession. I think I support this assertion. I therefore, write this comprehensive article on how to start online sport betting.

Online sport betting is one of the latest profitable and lucrative business, where subscribers and predictors (bettors) comes together to predict a sport score on monetary basis. Imagine predicting a game for #100 and earn #100,000, amazing, isn't it?

Online sport betting  in Nigeria is like setting up a multi-million business when located in a marketable environment like Lagos, Ibadan and the likes. This business needs 100% of your time and tactics because it's a game of tactical prediction.     Basically, soccer is one of the must-do for any sport bettor because it's an entertaining game loved by largely percentage of male folks.                                                

Have you being told doing online sport betting is your fate? Do you need a cool guide to easy startup of  online sport betting in Nigeria? If the definite answer to the above question is yes, then all you need to do is to relax as I unveil the fundamental dos and don't while starting online sport betting in Nigeria.    

I don't need to tell you to hire or rent a shop in a marketable place before you know you have to. But if you don't know before, then I think I've done that now.    Withdraw a token of #30,000 or more from your bank account and research for an arena that has high population of tertiary institution students and guys, near a populous field and probably around a barber's Salon. This is important because men are 90% of your customers and you need to move near their resident.
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On like the ancient baba ijebu and baba ijesa local lotto where they only need a kiosks and a table to start their business. You need a durable Laptops or P.c to visit the internet, a modem for mobile network, a printer to print out document, a T.v and a decoder to watch sport update and news, a table and chairs to accommodate customers.                                    
For More detail of what to buy, you can visit a nearby sport betting (Bet9ja, Nairabet etc.) shop for research. Be wise enough to buy only items that are needed and urgent and later when income comes in you can fill in the necessary gaps.


Congratulation to you in advance because if you can do the above two steps, then I assure you doing this won't be difficult. Register your business as far as you've set up your betting store, pay certain amount to incorporation organization and get your betting shop registered so as to set a pace for your licensing.

Since you are becoming a private limited company, then you need to be offered the Tax payers I.D which will enable you to pay your tax and makes government cater more for the masses.


While betting, you need to create a more reliable and easy payment Column on your website. Let people be able to pay from the corner of their room. If truly you have set out your website to fit the taste of how you want to run it. Don't forget a web designer is the best specialist to do that for you.

Start out by receiving information and well connected to the sole registering sported company so as to earn your income from the two source as you're serving as intermediary between the bettor and the Host. Easy payment is what you must ensure and after that you need to;

Starting an online sport betting in Nigeria entails your ability to manipulate the characters on your p.c to generate income by ensuring trustworthy transactions as for the winning side and the losing side will keep earnings you the more.                  
Now you must be licensed as a corporate body. As a legalized company, you need to get the necessary documents and files that will save you when it comes to defending your business from governmental bodies.

Getting the license is very important as it saves your brand and would let the government know that you are truly not a fraudster.                            

This is a very important aspect of your online sport betting tactic. Stand up for real and advertise your firm, create jingle in media houses.  Sponsor a program or soap opera. It will let people know more about you and more confidential in you.

Don't be too egocentric seeking your own interest forgetting you are catering for people's interest. So doing, you are going to become the best upon the best in the field of online sport betting in Nigeria as people will keep knowing you the more.  Better still, you need to  be standardize in your online marketing because doing so will pave way for your efficiency.                                      
In conclusion, while setting out as an entrepreneur in the field of online sport betting in Nigeria. Don't omit the virtues of your business, be faithful; when people won don't trick them and say they loose, it makes you loose more customers when they loose all the time. Be consistent in achieving the best. Hardworking and diligence must not be lagging as they will aid your growing online betting store and set the best pace for you reaching the peak of successful entrepreneur.                          

Following the ways explained above, you need to note that, researching more and seeking advice will be of great benefit to you.    
My dear, I will be expecting your brand outside there! (Winks)

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