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Ways to Making Money as a Nigerian youth

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Are you thinking of how to make legal money as a youth? Or are you thinking of increasing your monthly allowance? I am happy to tell you that you have just found a solution to these problems.
Most youths subscribe monthly just to chat with friends and stay connected with friends but they do not that they can make online also. In this article we would discuss online way and offline way to make money as a Nigerian youth.

1. Invest in business
The first way to make money offline as a youth is to invest. What comes to your mind when I said invest in business? You might be thinking it is until you get like #200000 or #500000 that you can invest in business. This is one of the ways in which many youth get it wrong, you can invest with less than that. Instead of things which are less relevant to you right now, you can use that little money to invest.

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Let me share you a sorry of a friend, he was raising to buy home theatre and plasma tv for his hostel but he has only raised #34000. It was during this period that he met someone who told him to come and invest in palm oil business. Then he agreed and he invested with his #34000. They bought a keg of red oil at the rate of #6500 then but I would not deceive you he is selling a key at #11000 at this period after few months.

2.  Become a freelancer
Can you write articles? Can you manage a social media? Can you design websites? Do not be idle, why not sign up for a freelance group. For those that might not know the meaning of freelance, freelance simply mean someone who sells his services to employers without a long-term contract. You can be a freelance writer; you write articles and contents for bloggers and sites; then they pay for your services.
You can also be a freelance web developer, here you design websites for bloggers and sites; and you will be paid. Another one social media managers, instead of you increasing Facebook revenue, twitter revenue, etc. you can also generate income for yourself on these social medias by managing people's social media account on their behalf. Why not sign up for freelance groups like fiverr, freelancer, etc and start making money.

3. Become a blogger
Another way to become financial solvent as a youth is to start your blog. Do you have enough money to start a blog? If yes what are you waiting for, set up a blog; it might be on entertainment or sports or education or fashion. With blog you can start making your money without any trouble from anyone who call himself boss or whatever.

There is an English proverb which says "a word is enough for a wise", try any of these three mentioned above and thank me later. I hope you have gained something.


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