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Ways to Stay Calm During a Job Interview

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Regardless of your education and experience, a job interview is a high stress situation. You can have all of the training and past success in the world, yet still find yourself  clamming up when it’s time to explain to the interviewer what makes you a good fit for this role. It is so painful that the interview process has caused countless qualified applicants to lose their cool under pressure, sometimes unraveling completely through vocal tremors and sweaty palms. Good news for you! Kindly go through these easy ways on how you can stay calm during the job interview.


Take comfort in the fact that you’ve been offered an interview at all. In many cases, this means you’ve already vaulted to the top pool of applicants. “You wouldn’t be interviewing for the organization if they didn’t think you could do the job,” says Sharon Givier, a career expert. “They want you to talk about your qualifying skills and experiences, but you wouldn’t be there if they didn’t think you had the basics.”  Be confident in your abilities, there’s something about you that has already caught the interest of the potential employer. Think about these attributes and make sure you touch on them during the interview.


Reduce the likelihood of a question catching you off guard by preparing answers in advance. Here are several common job interviews to consider: where do you see yourself in five years? What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses? What experience do you have that relates to this position?
Look delivering some of your answers to the mirror, and pay attention to your facial expression. For some people, a smile can mask most of the nerves. Others may prefer a neutral face to an anxious grin. Smile like your job depends on it. Try to actively foster the impression that you’re an affable, compassionate person anyone would be lucky to work with.


While it’s always beneficial to rehearse an interview beforehand, it’s just as important that you stay actively engaged during the interview. Taking time to listen, will give your body and mind a break from being on the hot seat where it feels every nuance is being detected.

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Write a short statement about 30-60 seconds long, that describes yourself and what you’ll bring to the company. Memorize this and rehearse it until you can say it naturally and with confidence. Starting out with a well-prepared answer to “tell me about yourself, can be a great confidence booster. 


Lastly, when you get nervous, fear kicks in and you may start to panic. As a result, you’ll sweat and may speak very quickly. This can be off-putting to an interviewer, and may leave them with an impression of you that simply isn’t accurate. Fortunately, you can quickly quell your nerves and regain control.  Start by taking a few deep breaths before you start speaking. 

Fight the urge as if you must spit out your answers as quickly as possible. It’s perfectly acceptable to pause after a question has been posed to you, so that you can fully process the inquiry and respond accordingly. Gather your thoughts and respond only when you feel ready.

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