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10 Business ideas and opportunities in Africa

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Africa is one of the biggest, largest and most populous continent after Asia. It has hundreds of countries with thousands of tribes and spoken languages. With this kind of achievements, every Africans always strive and work hard to make something creative and profitable in the giant field of her business, which you aren't left out.                                  

Thousands of business exist in the world accompanied with distinctive ideas and opportunities but how do you fathom the most soothing, enriching, profitable, lucrative, long-lasting and less investment with huge profits in the corner-base of Africa. Nevertheless, you can't keep imagining, rather you have to keep up the deals of starting your business plans in Africa. Are you searching for a profitable versus lucrative business ideas and opportunities you could start in Africa? Definitely yes! You can flick through this post to have your business set up greatly and giant in Africa.                                 

Here are Ten(10) business ideas and opportunities in Africa.                                                              


1. Education

One of the lucrative business anyone could venture in any locations of Africa is Educational business.  Without must splash of slippery saliva. Andela is one of the leading educational Consultant in the field of software and development -computer perspective. She had made over $10 million with students coming from the nooks and cranies of the world of about 100,000 applicants. Don't you see it's cool? Worth investing on!  READ ALSO: How to Start Private Nursery and Primary School                                                        

2. Agricultural business

As expected, food farming and production as well as sales must also be part of the rated top lucrative and profitable business anyone could venture in.  The World Bank reported that in the year 2038, African would be recording investment worth of $1 Trillion. I guessed you are amazed too!                              This is a business you could invest in, regardless of where you are in Africa. Read Also: How to Start Poultry Farming Business 
3. Solar power

One of the most frustration an African man never cease to witness is the daily failure of hydro-electricity from non-reliable source. A common phenomenal in African homes is- No light; No pay. Which makes the imbalance state of electricity more frustrating and worrisome. Tanzania based solar power company- Off Grid Electric had set out to resolve this daily assault with an investment worth of $25 Million, having the vision of reaching one million east Africa cities with her service. You can start that as well! Well profitable!                                                      

4. Smartphone Manufacturing

Iphone, android, techno and tens of phone companies outside Africa, have rose daily to tax us with huge amount of price for purchasing their phone. Doved Hat to Obi World Phone who did every African a favour of producing new phones and its accessories with the same capabilities of Android  operating system- these phones have no memory distinctions from the abroad's own. With about $129 you could purchase one these phones.                                                                 
5. African Art

It marveled everyone when some set of wooden sculptures made by Nigerian Artist, Ben Enwonnu was purchased in London for $500,000. Indeed incredible! African art business is a business everyone can partake in so far the talent, skill, zeal and professionalism is there. It worth starting for a true master of art!                                                                             
6. Internet access business

Thanks to companies like BRCK in Kenya who never cease to produce alternative wireless  internet service to companies, schools, industries, organisations as well as individual. With good modem offering WiFi, 3G, 4G. Having distinctions from the failure of the latter network services. You could invest in this business, all you need is knowledge in the field of technology, telecommunication and co-related knowledge fields, to become an expert, here in Africa.                                  
7. Retail business

Who doesn't love to get the quality product with lower price. Guess your mind is around Shoprite, Game, Edgars, Checkers and hundreds of others retail companies. While starting this business, you basically need contact with the industries as well as wholesales clients who could help you start confidentially. Retail business is a cool business, flourishing and prospering in Africa. Also, online retail is available like Jumia and Konga, expressing their endorsed knowledge in the field of E-shopping. Indeed you are needed to start now!                                                              
8. Online services

Apps and other online based business is part of the business  you could start in Africa. With Hotel.ng, anyone could access and book for hotel rooms across the globe, with IrokoTV anyone could watch the latest Africa  movie with high rate of income into such web accounts. Recently IrokoTV made an investment worth of $1.2 million. Worth investment too!                                                                       

9. Payment solution business

Many people would stay on queues in banks with exhausted belly and killing bodies to withdraw or save into their bank accounts without the knowledge of alternative payment solution.                           Payattitude, Paga, Paycheck, Simplepay and all others have been making money in this field. With just few amount to register. People could pay for rents, T.V channels subscription like Startimes, DSTV, GOTV and the likes without any stress.  With some researchs, this businesses afore-mentioned have made worth investment of $13 million. Do take steps now!                                                         

10. Real estate

The last but not the least business ideas and opportunities in Africa is Real estate business. It is a business that involves the buying of lands, buildings and properties and reserving it till the time when the amount would be exorbitant and valuable in market with the aim of making high rate of money thereafter. Real estate is working well in Angola with $150 rent per sq/metre monthly.               Investment worth of $363 million have been made from renting units of buildings of 17 million in count. Start this today!

I hope you have the full guide now!

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