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7 Things You Must not Mention on Your CV

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 Writing your CV for that job is like writing a letter which states a yes or no to that job. Since the world had been stormed with unemployment. Graduates keep graduating and queueing as the 80% percent of world is stumped  with unemployment basically among the working class ages.     
It's always an issue of unending but risky joy when you saw an advert of Job vacancy and you're requested to bring your Curriculum Vitae- CV. You will definitely mount your desk to re-write that your old CV so as to match the new application and expectations.                                     
Did you just saw the advert of job vacancy and you were thinking of how to compose it? Do you need to include and exclude some words and clauses from that CV? Probably yes! Then continue reading because this post will go a long way while crafting and writing that CV. Thousands of applicant do respond to a vacancy of five offices whenever the job vacancy is pasted, so it only takes 10 seconds for the managing director to glance through each of the piled up CV. Do you know your CV might join the list of 'No!' if you mention any of these seven things in your CV;                      
1. General skill and Acquisition

Most time we are too considerate in leaking irrelevant skills that we've acquired.  For instance, you are writing your CV in alignment  to an insurance company and you've had a background in computer having the knowledge of using ms-excel and ms-word, and you thought adding it will seek you the job, No! It won't.                             

Necessity is what you must include, you are only wasting your productive lines enlisting your skills forgetting there are other things you could cater for! Abstain from that! It must not be seen on your CV.                                                              

2. Personal information

Don't forget adding your personal information has no use. Your boss doesn't need to know your position in the family, either first born or third born, he doesn't care! So don't include it.                                          Also, your marital status is never useful, if you are single, your boss won't hook you up so while including it. If you are married, you don't need it too. It must not be mention on your CV if you really want the Job.                                            

3. Your Age

How many times will I tell you this! Okay, get this right away, your age doesn't have a vital purpose! You could talk that when you are fixed for interview. Including your schooling age, your present age and any other information pertaining to age is deadly for your employment. So it must be cancelled except on compulsion.

4. Old and irrelevant experience
You don't need to tell a bank you know how to drive while seeking for the post of an accountant.           You don't need to tell them you were a good boy ten years back. It only makes your CV looks local and shabby.   No manager will have hundred percent of time to check if you are brilliant or dull while in your high school. It's one of the deadliest thing to appear on your professional CV as it may cost you losing the job.    
5. Hobbies 
It was when I research about this that was when I knew how dangerous and useless it is to include your hobbies in your CV. My friend lost a secretary job because he loves watching television. When he went back to the company and enquired why he wasn't called for interview they replied that, they don't want an onlooker  or a t.v addict! So you can see how deadly it is to include your hobbies. Don't let it appear at all because you will only play away an opportunity that might draw in millions in the nearest future.     
6. Funny email address 
one of the deadly point you must not mention on your CV is an unprofessional email address.              You can imagine yourself as an accountant having email address like Cutepresh2345 or RealNigga420, they are image tarnishing and office gambling. Open the most professional and responsible name, it is quite free, you can just login onto Google and have them change to better names. ThomasKingsley[at]gmail.com could be a better one.  Apply the most acceptable and legalized email address so that you could be tagged as having the esteem.

 7. Avoid ruining words

Practical observations carried out that making use of personal pronouns like me, I, mine, my e.t.c are very deadly in your CV for example: I attended ochika community primary school and my result was fabulous. This is a ruining word that can make you loose the job so don't use it! Also while writing your résumé or CV, you must duly abstain from buzzing and slangs like Roll over, JJC, wow!, ah!, hmm! Crush, lift and thousands of others instead use cool and productive words like managed, launched, done and resolved. So avoid excessive choice of words as it is very deadly and dangerous since after submission you might leave a call for you hanging and dangling.  
Though there are hundreds of others things you must not mention on your CV but the helpful seven is what you've read and would love you to consider them important so as to leave the queue of unemployed citizen to an employed one while taking heed to a vital corrections. See you in that office as you write the best CV. 

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