8 Secrets of Facebook Marketing in Nigeria For Small Business

        Facebook is one of the rated social network in the world with high level of efficiency. Also, Facebook is one of the most populous social network in the world recording millions of subscribers from the corners and edges of the whole universe. That's why many people believe there is a multi-dynamism in the owner of the network- Mark Zukerburg. Haven written on 7 Facebook Advertising Mistakes to Avoid, i thought it wise to show us the best way to go about facebook advert so read on.                                        

Describing facebook, it is; a social network, a leading connector, a populous media, an e-marketing tool, a place to meet new friends.        Since Facebook had aid many people in reaching faraway places in just a simple clicking without having stress of call or fluctuation of internet service.  Many small business in Nigeria are definitely making use of Facebook to market their product so as to reach the point of making money and enlarging such small business in Nigeria. This might be one of the best idea ever in existence because, millions of people are waiting for you, to tell them your trending product and service. No matter the kind of small business you are running, Facebook marketing must be one of your unavoidable perspective of advertising and marketing your precious and prestigious products and services.                  

Congratulation to you, if you have opened a page or a group to market your small business in Nigeria. Are you looking for the hidden secret of Facebook marketing? Do you want to make money after your outstanding Facebook marketing? I would encourage you to read on as I exhibit the 8 cogent secrets of Facebook marketing in Nigeria for small business.    
1. Schedule your activity

one of the secret which most Facebook marketers don't know is the effectiveness and power in scheduling their activities. Time your time so that your time won't have time to time you- I've learnd this while I attended a social writers' gathering. As a Facebook marketer, one of the secret you must keep into use is to ensure perfect scheduling of your activities on your page, groups and timeline. For every actions under the sky, there is a season- time. You must have a schedule of when to write, post, answer questions and feedback, checking insight and lots of others.     
For clarity, a Facebook marketer in the field of music and audio promotion must have a different schedule to that of a makeup, body cream and others marketer.  A music promoter can post anytime since his followers are mostly teenager who have no other job than to login to Facebook anytime in the day, on like a makeup marketer, she must schedule an evening or early night posting because most of her audience are females who must be through with their evening cooking and related chores before attending to their mobile phone craving for evening post visuals alone.                          If you are really interested in have a successful Facebook marketing, scheduling is prime, timing is unique.                                                            
2. Photographs has the power

What power are you thinking of? It is the power of driving customers! Check a rocking Facebook page today, check post that have high ranks of likes, views, comments and feedback, you would discover it is the power of photo.                                              Do you know post with photographs are more credible and believable than mere article? Do you know photo has 80% probable likes over any other content without photo. Such is the power of using real, non graphic, and natural images while buttressing it with little or no article. If you really want your small business to be patronized by Facebook viewers, then use a persuasive image!                                                           
3. Use your insight

Do you think the insight button is there for fun or fashion? No, it is meant to show you the overview of people that likes, comment and feed your post back. Always check it, if you want to dominate the efficiency of your Facebook marketing in Nigeria. It makes you know the next step and action to do.                                                                                             
4. Boost your post

Wow! I'm not lagging here, the secret is this;                                      Those times when I started my blog, I started my Facebook marketing as well without lagging in opening a page, everyday I do post, enjoying myself under the ceiling fan only to discover that I have just tens of likes for my days and hours of posting. I decided to try one day boosting which deducted #310 from my account. I waited to see the result and perfectly amaze of the way I got ranked with thousands of visitors and likes.                                          You could start your page and boost that as well, no matter the numbers of people generated, they are always useful to you small business ventures.                                                                      

5. Progressive social listening

I've done couple of these, even if the result isn't my expectations, I'm used to doing it.  Always pave way listening to your friends and page likes. They are what you need to improve your business. Listen, question them, ask them why, what, where, when and how. It makes your Facebook marketing differential from that of your competitor.                   
Don't forget tally responses must call for digestion and probably implementation.                             

6. Original contents must not be wanted

Wanted in this content means, absent. One of the secret you need to make use of is the ability to use priceless contents. Do you know why? It does the greatest good for your page. There is nothing odd as a fashion business owner presenting his/her content in the base of U.S.A or Netherlands because you know people would love it. Though you are right but its result is always poor.                                                                  
7. Thrill customers with sequential winnings

There is nothing compare to the joy of a customers when they win any of your bonus or gifts, would always want to come the more. Be attentive and most especially by open to your audience, don't forget they are the source of your successful small business in this giant country of Nigeria.                                                     
8. Create a unique profiles

As a business owner exploring the use of Facebook marketing. You must have a good and unique profile. Your username, your image, your account details, your mutual friends, your timeline tags, your status and lots of others are the things you must work toward being good and most approachable.                         
Start this out and you will smilingly improve in your ways! See your Facebook marketing well.
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