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How to Finance a Small and Medium Scale Business in Kenya

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Are you a businessman or businesswoman thinking of how to finance your business? Are you afraid of getting indebted? Are you in need of a way solvent enough to finance your business? you have just got yourself one. One of major problem facing businesses these days is finance i.e getting enough funds to finance a business. It might seems difficult but here are some ways in which you can finance your business.

This method is widely known by people, you as a businessman or business woman can finance your business through getting loans from your bank. This is simple, walk up to the bank you are banking with, ask for the loan manager, make sure you understand all terms and conditions stated in the loan before you would agreed after apply for the loan. You submit collateral for the loan and the loan is given to you with interest and duration in which you are to pay back. With loan you can increase your productivity.

Most people do not take this serious, some people think it is a local way but I can tell you that this is one of the best way to raise funds to finance your business. A cooperative is an autonomous association of people united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly owned and democratically controlled business.
The first step here is to make findings to get a legal and financially stable cooperative society, after this join and become a member.  Make contributions at each meetings (you can be making contributions with profit made from business) after like eight or twelve months in which you have joined the cooperative, you can collect double folds of money you have contributed to finance your business. The benefit here is that there is little or no interest on it, no need of collateral,  just that you need to pay within stipulated time.

This might seems local but this is a simple and easy to keep financing your small and medium business. Here it is what you do that you get back, instead of spending all the profit you are making daily or weekly you can start contributing thrifts. There is no interest on it, there is no need of collateral, just make contributions. Look for a reliable and trustworthy thrifts collector; if you are a type that make daily profit, make daily contribution from your profit but if you do not make daily profit, you can make weekly contributions. If it is a three month thrift after the three months you would your three months contribution.
With these three ways, I believe your business should be financial free debts. Try any of these three and increase your sales and productivity. Do not wait until you get indebted before looking for a solution. Without enough funds, no business will survive.

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