How to Start a Cosmetic Business In Kenya



So sorry, if I had borrowed a word from the online business world- Niche. Sourcing for your niche actually means looking out to chose your preferred product, from the cosmetics business.                          

You could actually get a reliable source of your products in Nairobi, cosmetics products all over  Kenya needs your ability to buy the best niche of your like. The perida business center kamlanji, CBD along Dubois road, Kenya is the best place you can visit so as to buy the best retail priced product with the best quality. After buying this business, the next thing you are to do is;                                                                                             

It duly pays if you can invest in a trading business and pays the most to sell a product that people can't do without buying daily. As a cosmetics business owner, you must be versatile in buying the trending product. Example of the products that sell daily in the cosmetics phase are; gel, ponds, shampoo, hair food, wigs, braids as well as adornment like earnings, bangles, necklace and lots more. The reason for investing in this business is that you must start out so as to make do with fame and money on time.

The best products which people buys daily is very lucrative if invested on as one will definitely make do with the best cash on time.                                                                                                

I guess you are happy at this moment because you need to rest somewhere. Probably yes as it may sound nice. You can basically rent a shop for as low as ksh20,000 in a marketable street or a busy market. A well built shop of  5ft by 10ft could suit your taste. Be consistent in renting in a lucrative and marketable venue because it is the basics of sales drive for your cosmetics business.                                                       


This is one of the important of your cosmetics business. At this point you must be legally registered as a business owner. After getting the basic stalls and shop for your business then the necessary point you must not omit the aspect is registration.                                    

It is the stage where the government are going to give you the necessary document after paying some certain amount to the legalized sector, you will be given the aligned forms to fill and the registration would be made while you can start out your cosmetics  business as soon as possible. 

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This is the point I would love you to pay attention to. While thinking about growing your business, you must be opened to some certain things which allows you to make the best thousands from the business. Be aggressive; yes! At this point, you must be aggressive in making your money on time. Leave your office and carry your products to offices and companies where you feel women must be dominating.

Sell as much as possible, convince them to buy your products. Sell at low cost compared to your competitors but I won't advice you to sell without profit. While marketing your product, you need to note that you'd rented a shop whose money will soon expire. Don't rely only on the sales you are able to make in shop but rather work towards selling to different companies and offices. This is more different form hawking because you must seems
modernize yours so as to build the different.                               

Be smart in making the best amount of money on time but customers' satisfaction is what you must strive for. Invest and earn; here you need to note the overall amount of investment in this business and It would definitely vary from Ksh50,000 without shop and probably Ksh100,000 while opening store.                                                   
While aggressive you can make as high as ksh5,000 per day with ksh120,000 monthly.                      

Start as better as possible! Start now! It really worth it. Procrastination only kills your internal passion and loose your scheme of walking up. Hope to see you starting your lucrative business in Kenya now!