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How To Start Poultry Farming in Kenya (Practical Guide)

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Let us go back to farm, this is time for us to starting farming business. In this time of economy recession, one of the easiest businesses to start is poultry farming. Less capital is involved just adequate management. Before we talk on how to set up poultry farming business, let me explain this to you; A chicken can lay an egg everyday or atleast 4 times in a week, it takes 21 days to hatch an egg and it takes 28 weeks after hatching to develop to a big chicken. Meaning that in a month you can have like 16 to 28 eggs from a single chicken and an egg can be sold at #25. Now imagine how much you can be making in a year if you start today.
Back to the discussion,  to start a poultry farming business you need to consider the following;

This is the first step in poultry farming, you need to know whether it is broilers you want to rear or layers and it might be both. This will help you to know how much capital you need for the poultry business.

For any business plan to come to realization, there is always need for capital. Capital is the funds needed to finance the business. Try and raise enough funds needed for the business so as to avoid any problem.

Get a good location for your poultry farming, a location that would be easily accessible for people and transports. A location that would be close to market place where you can sell your products. Many people fail to consider this when setting up a business when in turns affect their sales turnover.

This is the real deal, you need to set up your poultry house that is buy all necessary equipment and items that would used to construct your poultry house and make sure there is enough ventilation at the poultry house. Needed equipment and items includes feeders for feeding for the livestock, drinkers for their water, incubator to maintain environmental conditions for the hatching of eggs, cages where the livestock will be staying. In addition you need to construct a good lighting system for your poultry house, heaters, nests and crates to pack the eggs. 

This last step is very important when setting up a poultry business, you need to advert your products to people first. Take your eggs to people who will retail it and give them discounts on it to increase your sales. Sell your chickens to livestock seller who would sell them and give them discounts. Make handbills to advertise your poultry business and make sure you have a means of transportation that will help you in delivering your products to your customers.
Are you wondering of how I get all these informations about poultry farming? my cousin is a living witness. It is not late to start a  poultry business today.

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