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How To Start Producing Garri For Export in Nigeria

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Garri production in Nigeria is a very lucrative business to venture into, this is because Garri it's a staple food widely eaten by Nigerians both home and abroad,nd even in other West African Countries.
To become successful in this Garri production business, you need to produce Garri both for local consumption and exporting to countries such as, UK, USA, Dubai, and other African countries where there is a large settlement of Nigerians there. Let's now quickly go through some of the basic requirements needed to start this business.

To know the right capital needed to start this business, you first need to decided on the scale you want to operate(that's depending on the quantity you want to produce). So the bigger the plant, the more quantity it will produce and of course, more costly to set up.
Let's say you want to set up a small-scale Garri processing plant(5hp plant), which can processed about 5 tons of cassava daily, you will need about ₦2 million , that's $5000 to get started.
The one and only raw material needed for the production of Garri is cassava tubes and it can be gotten in abundance in Nigeria. So all you have to do is either start up a cassava farm of your own or outsource from local farmers in the rural areas.
He equipment needed for Garri production includes; cassava press, peeling machine, cassava frying machine, steel basins and wheel barrows. These equipment are easily gotten in the local markets.
Production process for Garri involves;
Washing and peeling of the cassava tubes
Grate the cassava into tiny pieces
Bag the wet, grated cassava and mount them in a jack pressure machine to remove water from the cassava
Allow cassava to ferment for two days
Lastly, place chunks of cassava into large frying pans or machine and start frying the Garri.
As established above, Garri is a staple food widely eaten in Nigeria, abroad and other African countries. Therefore, you can be sure of constant demand for your product which will in turn give you a high return on investment.

So to make more income from the production of Garri, you need to export to other countries outside the shores of Nigeria. For exportation, make sure to package your Garri properly, ensure that it's neatly sealed with the name of your business and all other contact details printed on it. Be sure that the packaging are up to international standard and you are set for big business.

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  1. Please can you give more specifics as I am interested in the export part of the business. How can I package and market for export?