How to Start Rice Retailing And Distribution Business

Do you have some cash at hand and wouldn't mind capitalizing on retail and distribution? Are you tired of sitting down idle and want to break the jinx of idleness? Oh! You are looking for a profitable, reliable and comfortable business idea but yet to find one, fret not, this rice retailing and distribution business is an ideal business ideal I can guarantee you to venture into without hesitation.

Findings shows that rice is a food stuff that is widely accepted under the blue moon, in fact, it is the most sought and consumed staple food that is recognised in the whole universe. I guess if you know what this implies? It means  if any business related to rice
is being invested on; be it rice plantation farming, rice hulling service, wholesale distribution and host of others, rice will surely with no doubt have a bunch of market ready to scoop the product or services.

I guess you didn't see this coming folks, anyways, I shall focus on rice retailing and distribution business in this comprehensive article which details of all you need to do before and after kick starting to become a big time rice wholesale business owner, why you really need to start the rice retailing and distribution business with other thought provoking questions you've been looking for where to get appropriate answers to.

The following though not limited, are ways  to follow when starting up a rice retailing and distribution business:
1. Capital
Of course, the first thing you're are expected to check on is how financially buoyant you are; it's impossible for you to stand up and proclaim to start a rice retailing and distribution business without any capital on you. You may stand up for real but you don't stand right.

Capital is very crucial in starting this business as a wholesale distributor, your work is to stand as a distribution channel, link or medium from the rice farmers directly to the retailers. This could only be possible with massive  capital- if you want to start big. Notwithstanding, some retailers don't have enough capital required to purchase the goods (rice) in bulk quantities from the farmers. The other exception their is  that; if you reach a compromise and have a mutual agreement and understanding with the rice plantation farmers; where you will be supplied the require goods on credit sales, pay them off immediately you are done with the sales.

To become a recognisable wholesale distributor, capital is the number one thing you must get ready so as to get the rice available for the retailers who will be patronising your distribution store to buy rice in a bit quantity and make them available to the consumer who will enjoy and savor the carbohydrate given food.

2. Get a rice Supplier

This is the second phase involve in starting a rice retailing and distribution business. Getting a supplier who will be feeding you the goods in a larger quantity cum a lesser price so that you would maximise your own profit from the produce.

Look for a farmer that his rice plantation farm is second to none so as not to fail you before your prospective customers. If a supplier with a very big rice plantation farm is supplying you in a larger quantity, you will be able to chart a huge and massive profits having deduct all the logistics expenses involved. This is cool, isn't it?

3. Build, buy or hire a Warehouse

Since a warehouse is a place where wholesales keep their goods for safety until the need arises. It doesn't mean that you must build one on your own, if you can't afford to build one, you can buy or even go as far as hiring one from a realtor.

Most times, as a rice retailing and distribution business owner, not every time you will get to sell off the whole bulk of rice supplied from the farmer; because time will come when the market demand for the goods (rice) will be low, then, a warehouse will be needed to store the remnant rice until they are set again to be shipped out to retailers.

4. Transportation

As the distributor, though not necessary but it's important, you may need to be the one to transport the rice yourself from the rice plantation farm to your store/warehouse or even deliver it to the prospective customers if the orders have being placed.

It is not necessarily be it you to be in charge of driving the trucks or vans, you can hire a professional driver to be doing the work for you and pay him at the end of the month.

5. Market online

It's tradition that every business should be marketed. But nowadays, role of online media can never be over emphasised. Take your rice retailing and distribution business online by using the various available media outlets.

Your Facebook page isn't meant for gossiping, sieze the opportunity to create awareness of your business to countless numbers of audience; in the same vein, your Google+, Twitter, Instagram and others were not meant for uploading mere joke or funny movie/picture rather, uploading images of your goods and some minutes video of what people needs to know about your business will help your business standard and travel a long distance.

Rice retailing and distribution business is a great business idea and opportunity for 2016 for any entrepreneur that feel like enlarging his coast to hit a jackpot! Can't wait to see your rice products thriving and soaring high in the competitive market.


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