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How To Start Your Own Plantain Chips Business

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Plantain chips are snacks made from plantain and it comes in two kinds, which is the ripe and the unripe plantain chips. Plantain chips is a popular snack in Nigeria, and it's widely eaten by everyone on a daily basis.
This business is a very lucrative one, you hardly record lost in this business because the product is edible and doesn't get spoiled easily. Plantain chips business is one of the businesses that doesn't need high capital to start, it's also one of the few businesses you can make good profits in a short period of time. Let's look at the major things you need to put in place to start your own plantain chips business.

Outsource For a Good Supplier of Plantain
Plantain is the major factor/ingredient in this business. You can actually source for a supplier to supply you with all the plantain you need by contacting a plantain farmer or you can get them yourself from the local market. Either way, ensure that the major ingredient of your business is always available.
Production Material/Equipment
A large frying pan
Chips cutter
Gas burner or charcoal burner
Transparent nylon
Colourful printed labels with your business name/contacts
Bunches of plantain (Ripe and Unripe ones)
Vegetable oil (To fry the plantain)
Pepper and Ginger (Grinded)

Production Process
Get your plantain cleaned and peeled
Use your plantain cutter to sliced the plantain into small or tiny chips.
Add your salt, ginger and a bit of pepper to the sliced plantains
Put on your gas burner or charcoal burner, and place your large frying pan on the burner
Pour the vegetable oil, allow it to get hot for 10 minutes, starts frying your sliced plantains
After frying, allow the fried plantains to cool off for some minutes, then you can start packaging your chips in the transparent nylon bags together with the labels.

Marketing Plans
Let's say you're able to produce 500 packets of plantain chips, which is sold at the rate of ₦100 to ₦50 for each packet. 
Your production cost might fall at about₦20,000, with the chips sold at ₦100 to ₦50,  you're bound to make about ₦35,000- ₦40,000 respectively. This then means, your profit will be about ₦15,000-₦20,000. You see that you're in good business.

Now, how do you market these plantain chips?
Some of the best places to market your product would be, retail stores in town, markets, super markets, schools etc. You have to ensure you give discounts to the owners so that they can easily sell your chips to their own customers.
As you progresses, you can afford to source for workers who will help you market and distribute your plantain chips around town.

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