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Lucrative Businesses You can Start with #15,000 in Nigeria

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       Starting a business in Nigeria might seemed stressing, awkward and fatigue-like. Though this might sounds scaring but you need to understand that, Alh. Aliko Dangote, Wale Adenuga and the likes of others started just like you but what they do that seems different from your ego is that they researched for a profitable and most lucrative business before starting out.                

By all means, you need to strive for the best profitable business which you can start with #15,000 in Nigeria but while you keep searching many sites and felt dismayed for not seeing a suitable one. I'm referring and summoning you to stay calm and digest the content of this article, it could set your feet on the right track, enjoy! Re-emphasizing on a profitable business you can start with #15,000 in Nigeria here are tested and trusted 5 profitable business you can try;                                                            

Investment is better than starting as a reckless employee or begging across the street. Though it seems tactical that you woke up in the morning and kept on rolling on your bed because you have no particular business to handle for the day which could bring you money.                                                  Starting this business is the best and profitable and fast-growing business for you.                           

Have you got 15k and you keep imagining which form of business can you venture in. Well let me open your eyes to this business. I've failed to go to church for some certain stock in a popular market called Sunday-Sunday. Ask me the kind of product that dominate the market, I would answer you it is second hand cloths that was bought from cotonou and Togo. As this may sound trending and imaginable. All you need is to meet a professional in the field, tell him you have 15k, he will ask you to start right away. Get a small premises in a marketable environment close to a junction or probably in a market. Order for second-hand cloths from that Igbo man. Tell him to teach you the steps in starting and you will be amazed as thousands will keep walking into your purse everyday.                   Beware of fraudster who will tell you they are capable of going to kaduna, kano or cotonou for your sake. Seek for a durable and trusted partner so as to make it real and truly profitable.                                                                                  

Wait a minute, do you think this business is not profitable? Wow! I like your confirmation but I will disappoint you that your words are lies. If telecommunication isn't profitable why is MTN, Glo, Etisalat and Airtel still in business? You can start this business by getting a small Nokia phone that could read the minutes. Buy a sim and work towards registering your stand with any of the trending four telecom-networks in Nigeria. Start desirable with nothing more than #15,000.  Register and start the business residing in a lucrative environment.                                                       
This is another profitable business you can start with just #15,000 in Nigeria. Most people like you don't know that this business is adding thousands into the owners account monthly. While starting this business. You only need a small shop in a marketable area. Buy kitchen utensils and other food stuff like Indomie, eggs, bread and tea. Get them on the table for consumption latest 8:00am. You don't need to make yours like that of the hausa- Meshai. But socialize, clean and striving for consumers' satisfaction.                     

Most times you need to be as early as 6am so as make everything ready, this is a lucrative and profitable business in cities like Lagos, Kwara, Port-Harcourt, Abuja and lots more. Don't forget, customers' satisfaction must be your target.                                                                

If you're part of those that knew not of the secret behind this business then I will unveil it. Selling recharge cards and registering sim cards is one of the best business raking in money in Nigeria. You can only get the sim pack for free or 10 naira for each from your preferred network offices. Registration cost at least 100- 150 naira compare to the 10 naira you received it from the telecom-network.               

Also, buying, three thousand naira card could profit you almost 300 naira, now sum this by selling 10,000 kind, the profit there will aid you to buy more next time while making your money and saving from excessive begging of alms from irrelevant hands.


This is another kind of business which entails your ability to buy and re-sell packaged water to people in traffic, street or to labourers in Sites.                            Better still, while starting this business, all you are required to do is to get competent person that could sell for you. Revealed, sachet bags of water is 80 naira from company. By buying 50 bags is 4,000 naira, now buy iced blocks and add some can coke of your ability as you hire boys and girls stranded on the street and after their sales, you can give them a token after the day. This business can be done exactly from your room depending on your ability and money capacity, I won't advice you to rent a shop. But when the business starts booming. You could get the necessary things.                                                  
Cheers! I guess you digested the five, reading it alone doesn't serve but acting ultimately. Wish to see you starting the business with #15,000 turning into millions!

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