Small Business Ideas and Opportunities For Teachers

We pray for our teachers for giving us sound education may God reward them.  Are you a teacher and seriously in need of business opportunity- either full time or part time to conjugate your teaching services? Without mincing word, below are the profitable and small business ideas and opportunities for teachers.

World wide, teachers earning is too weak and did not worth it. Imagine- before paying for rent, buying food stuffs and changing of  wardrobe with just the little meagre earning from their rigorous service, this is absurd. What a pity! As an individual who impact knowledge to people, to gain more financial freedom than ever, to be discussed in this comprehensive article are the top five business you can venture into without posing any threats to your teaching aid.

Obviously, teachers work is from 8am to 3pm and their is more time to concentrate on your personal endeavors after school hour and during summer break. This gives you room to start and concentrate on your business and make cool and enough money.

Though not exhausted, the following are great business ideas and opportunities for teachers.


1. Online Language Teacher

For a teacher who is very proficient and versed in speaking as well as writing any language, you can earn additional money by teaching people that language you are so vast in. To be specific, English language is at its peak, this is a language that's popular and highly adopted by many countries. You can go as far as letting people subscribe to your email and feeding them daily on this language as such, making cool money.

2. Freelance writing job

Another business idea for teachers that could fetch you money to add into your paycheck week or month end is to become a gig or freelance writer. For a teacher that is writing prowess is of high esteem and extremely unique, taking up this job will be a great opportunity for him/her to breakthrough in his teaching service. Freelance writing job will gives you flexibility  to work from your comfort zone and earn incessantly so far your service is superb and excellent.

3. Private Tutoring/ Home Tutor

I'm sure you are familiar with this. People out there who are too busy to tend to their wards hire private tutors for their kids to helping them solve their take home works and earn better
grades at school. Not limited to this, People also, on their own interest hire private teachers to tutors them whenever they want to write any examination- most especially entrance examinations. As a future builder (teacher) you could look out for such individual
who are willing and ready to hire private/home tutors and aid out your prosperous services to people of such ambition. In some part of the world, private tutors doesn't earn less, they go as far as charging $50 per hour, though it depend on how influential the clients you are working with is.

4. School Uniform supplies

Of course, you can start this business as a teacher, it doesn't mean you become a fashion designer before doing this business, it's a work you can venture into by hiring some professional designers who will work hand in hand with you.This is a very lucrative business for teachers.  As a teacher, you could get contracts from schools and colleges to make school uniforms for them.

5. Book Writing and publishing

Methink this is what teachers are suppose to be known for. They are in the best position to write something unique, publish and sell them to make additional money. You could write and publish books on the subjects you specialized on, teach or on poetry, short creative story books for children.

The aforementioned are top five eye opener business ideas and opportunities for teachers world wide. Feel free to pick any which interest and suit you.....