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How to Start A Successful Bakery Business In Kenya

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         Bakery is one the leading thousands of business one can venture in any city of Kenya. It consist of the ability to convert the treasures of your bakery intelligence into something lucrative and absolutely reliable in the market.                    

Most people believe that, bread production is the most lucrative one in the bakery market, though it might seemed true but you must be exposed to the fact that there are tens of business you can actually venture in the field of bakery business in Kenya.Bread, cakes, snacks and lots more are part of the lucrative business you could love to do in alignment with the oven power!                                
Do you have an idea to convert into a more lucrative bakery business? Then this is the best article you've been searching for, here is it, savour!                       

Taking a linking steps between your passion and your business, here is how to start a lucrative bakery business in Kenya.    For More Profitable business ideas to start in Kenya Read: 70+ Best Business Ideas To Start In Kenya                                        


Like any other business ideas, anyone might want to start, you need to have a well defined source of capital. The kenyan shilling is the first thing you need to source for and thereafter all other thing shall be set in place.                                                  
While sourcing for money in starting this business. Here are cool ways you could step on;                  Small loan grants: You  could actually seek from a co-operative or a micro-finance banks who can borrow you at least Ksh300,0000- Ksh400,000.          

You will definitely see one by presenting a reputable collateral, so as to make do with. From your local boss: Basically, some boss won't while some will, you can borrow some certain amount of money from your  employer while stating the real use of the money if he doesn't, don't panic others will, it's only a suggestion. From few months of  cleaning works: surely if you are part of the determined type, you can go millions of mile to start  a business that makes you happy, doing menial cleaning works for offices, companies and homes should be another option to make your way out of the disgracing issues of begging for alms and striving for financial freedom under an inconsiderate boss.
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I wouldn't call it a shop or a stall because it seemed limiting. If you've definitely source for the capital to run your bakery business, congrats! All you need to do next is to rent a space, be it a shop, corridors, rooms and lot of others in a marketable and approachable environment. It cost about ksh10,000 to rent a good location. Make sure what you are paying for is the best kind of area where  you will be free to make your sales and spacious to process your products.Don't locate in a swampy or dirty street, it tarnish the image of your business as well as the hygiene of your food. So seek for the best place!                                                                  


At this point, after you have made the most tireless effort to rent a space, the next is to buy your needed equipment.Yes! It is one thing to have the money and location and it is the most toughest point to buy the best equipment while setting up your bakery business. Now! What equipment do you need? First, you need an oven, yes! For bread and cake making you need to buy a durable and good oven from a trusted clients- seller. Good ovens could be  bought in DK engineering, off airport north road in Embakasi. Ranging from ksh150,000 to ksh2000,000 for durable, medium and long-lasting type but you can also get that of ksh50,000-ksh100,000 depending on its quality. After that, Proof boxes is suggested with capacity of 20pans of ksh70,000 should be bought from a tested and trusted seller. 

After this you need to buy your uniform- Apron and head gear from any supermarket. It cost about ksh5000 for two packs or one. Just be sure it is of good quality. There are also other small equipment like dough mixers, sinks, display counter, working table, slicers, weighing scale, decorating tools, trays, baking utensils and packaging paper are example of products you can buy with an estimation of Ksh80,000 Don't forget the quality of these products are very important so that you can use them for the duration of years before replacing them.


Have you done a tremendous work in achieving the afore-mentioned ways then this is easy. While licensing your bakery business in Kenya. All you must be conscious of is registering and receiving the necessary document for your product, so as to escape the threat and illegal closure of your company.  

After registering, then you have started good all you need to do now is to provide the best quality of your products to people. If it's bread, you could print a label for as low as ksh2000 and you are quite good to go in making the your invested money in return. Don't forget buying a durable and quality raw materials like flour and others is very important if you are going to make the best customer. Also, diligence to your work is good, wake as early as 6am to prepare your goods for sale, so that you could rake in more customers as well as much income.

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